Monday, March 29, 2010

Two more appts checked off the list for 2010

Monday March 22nd Morgan had her Cardiologist appt to follow up with a very very tiny hole in her heart that causes a very very small heart murmmer.  You can only hear the murmmer if you are listening really really really close said the Dr. and if you know what you are listening for.  Nothing needs to be done about it, a surgan wouldn't even be able to find it to surgical close it.  It may still close all the way on its on or it may just be something she will always have.  Either way no biggy.  She doesn't have to go back for 5 yrs.  I must say it was the fastest CHOP visit ever.  Melissa was so great and came along with us and she must me our good luck charm.  We were in and out in 30 mins.  So Awesome.

Thursday March 25th Morgan had her follow up urology appt.  She had her ultrasound done first and then she saw Dr. Carr.  This appt also went very well.  She stiill has the kidney stone, but is remains in the same place and the same size which is good.  Her kindeys are growing nice and healthy!  We don't have to see the urologist again for 2 years.  Its always nice when they increase the amt of time between visits.

Yippy it was a good week of good news Dr. appt!   Great job Morgan!