Monday, July 29, 2013

July 26, 2013 Sand Bucket Drop Off

Hello Everyone and Happy 6th Birthday to my ear!

In honor of my ears 6th birthday I have just dropped off over 2 dozen sand buckets to CHOP.  We even surprised the Drs and nurses with some nice warm Philly pretzels to go along with the kids goodies.  I love to see their smiling faces when we walk in. 

Today I was priveledged to meet a little boy that I gave a bucket to.  He was only one year old but he immediately pulled Woofi out of that bucket.  I was able to meet him before his surgery took place so he was wide awake.  The other special thing that happened was a lovely woman came up to me with tears flowing down her cheeks.  She was crying because she was so touched by my sand bucket project.  She was so kind that she wrote a check out to my Mommy and then the nice lady and I both shed some tears together.  I must be like my Mommom in a Hallmark store.  I cried very easily today when that wonderful lady started hugging me.  It was beautiful!

Last night another awesome thing happened.  Pennsburg United Church of Christ donated their entire Vacation Bible School  offering to my bucket project~!!  How incredibly awesome is that.  I felt so blessed by the people at that church.  Not only did I get over 160.00 in cash but a 5 gallon bucket that had neat things in it like snacks and
Barbie dolls, clothing, games. All things that will also be donated to CHOP. 

My next bucket drop off will be in the middle of October.  This bucket drop off is happening because my Uncle Jamie is getting married October 19th.  Instead of favors at his wedding there will be a donation made to CHOP via my buckets.  It would be neat to find all white sand buckets to mark the occasion.  We will have to think of something a little different.  

I better start selling some brownies to get money for my next bucket drop off, it will be here before we know it. 

I am still waiting to hear if I will be a recipent of some AG Bell Scholarship money so that I can attend Pennview Christian School.  Mommy said we should be hearing about that in August.  Keep your fingers crossed cause I really really want to go back to Pennview.  It is the best place for me to be with my implants.  We get to pray everyday at that school too.  I don't think that can happen if I don't attend Pennview.

Until next time,
Love to all!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Angels do walk on earth!

Hi Everyone,

We are in the hottest days of summer and I am getting ready to drop off 30 sand buckets at CHOP.  It is so much fun getting them ready.  We have so much help and everyone is enjoying paying it forward just like me.  This week my Mommom got a message that a wonderful lady that
 had 40 boxes of crayons and markers, 20 coloring books and 20 bottles of bubbles for my buckets.  That just makes my heart feel so happy that someone else is also taking joy in helping little kids.
Poppop took me to her home yesterday to pick up the item.s  It was very nice to be able to meet her.

 Most times I don't know who receives these buckets.  Sometimes they will send Mommy a note.  Sometimes the nurses at CHOP remember certain kids.  Dr Germiller says everyone loves them including the parents.  My goal is to make a childs day brighter.  I think we are doing that.  I will continue with this project as long as I can! 

This time my buckets will not only go to children I don't know at CHOP but to some that we were fortunate enough to know.  Sarah, the young girl at CHOP that got the lung transplant will receive hers this week.  Another little guy by the name of Joshua that has had open heart surgery at Hershey on July 17th will get one and also a little guy that my Mommy knows his mommy.  He is having surgery at CHOP on July 29th.  We have one saved for him also. 

I am attending bible school this week at New Hanover United Methodist Church.  What a crazy bunch of people telling the good news.  We are learning all about Moses.  I love it there.

Summer is flying by so quickly.  I have been doing lots of swimming at the beach.

Next week I will post some pictures of the bucket drop off.  I can't wait to show you the smiles on their faces.  They will be as big as mine!!!!

Love to all from Morgan.
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