Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am now a 2nd grader!

Well, I had a fun year in first grade.  Math started out a little shaky but everything ended up fantastic.  I am officially a 2nd grader. I am hoping to continue my education at Pennview Christian School.  It is so expensive though.  Mommy and I applied for the AG Bell Scholarship.  The requirements for it were extremely hard.  I had to write an essay as to why I felt I should be granted the monies.  Mommy had to write a letter about me and also about her financial status.  We also had to get letters from 3 references on me that were not allowed to be family members.  Dr Germiller wrote a wonderful one and so did the director at the Clarke Schools.  I didn't realize they all knew me so well.  They were all very touching recomendations and I am very proud of them.

Last Friday I met with Sarah Alderfer for lunch.  She is a CI sister that I met this past year.  She worked at Chick Fil A in Quakertown and she had one implant.  After I talked to her for a while she said she really didn't think she wanted two implants that her one was working really good for her.  Well, after some more thought Sarah  decided to go bilateral.  Her surgery was this week and she had the same awesome surgeon as I do.  I know Sarah is going to do awesome with her 2nd ear.  She gets activated on July 17th. 

We are getting ready to donate a big pile of buckets to CHOP in July.  We have choosen July as that is my first ears birthday.  It will be 6 years old on July 13th.  No one can tell me that Friday the 13th is bad.  Best day of my life!!!!!! 

On a family note, Mommy is doing an awesome job since Daddy moved out. Somedays it is hard for her to do the house and me and Rylee and work. It will be a year in October and I am still adjusting lots of days.  God doesn't give us something that we can't handle though.  We are anxious to see what God's plan has planned for us.  We know it is 110% perfect! I really miss Daddy so much though.

Here is a picture of me and Sarah.  She is so pretty!