Friday, July 30, 2010

Thought of the day

I think only a CI family can associate with this..... Why is it that your child's EARS birthday is more important to you than the kiddos "real" birthday?


We are so proud of you and the hard work you have done for the past 3 years with that ear. That little ear is the most precious thing to Morgan. If she ever thinks it is lost or misplaced she totally freaks out!!!! The feeling someone would get if they lost their engagement ring or wallet or any sentimental thing they might own.

We are celebrating with a cookie dough birthday cake and some awesome presents. Morgan got a new Willie Wonka Choc Factory movie and lots of arts and crafts stuff. Aunt Cheryl came bright and early with a Tink fairy and chapstick. What an awesome day. It is a day that will always bring tears to my eyes! The first time she ever heard us tell her,,,,, " We Love You Morgie"! Ok, enough of this post, I am crying now!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to my ear!

Friday my first implant (that is what I call my ear) will be 3 years old. I can't wait to have birthday cake and maybe get a present. I would like a junior size football. The one that Uncle Jamie has is a little big for me. I can do a nice catch and even a spiral toss. I will show you pictures of my birthday cake after Friday. I even have a special Tshirt to show you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My very own Marine!

I had such a nice week. I got to spend time with my Mommy's Godparents and their children at Paige and Tom's house. They were all together because a very SPECIAL man, Tommy was home to get married to his beautiful bride Janet! We don't get to see them much especially with how darn busy these magical ears of mine keep us. It has been 4 long years of lots of Dr appts and therapies and surgeries. Hopefully, since my ears are doing so well and the bilateral surgery is over I can become what some would call a "normal" kid. I had some really nice family members help my Mommy and Daddy come up with the rest of the money to buy those expensive batteries I need. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I can now hear in the bathtub and the swimming pool. Of course we are a little chicken of the pool yet.
I CAN'T TELL YOU IN WORDS HOW AWESOME IT IS TO BE ABLE TO HEAR!!!! When my ears are off I am very quiet and it isn't fun. I always want my ears on.
What a great week I had getting to know everyone and especially, my very own Marine, Tommy! I love you! Wait til Tommy's friends see he is going to be getting letters from another pretty girl named Morgan. They are going to be jealous!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CHOP Mapping appt 7-13-10

We had our 8:00 appt at CHOP today and a 9:00 appt for speech. They were so surprised how well I was doing with my new implant. I am two months post activation. They have scored me at 6 months post activation. I have to thank all the people that are helping me with the numerous hours of therapy that I am enduring. Heather from the Montgomery County IU dept comes to my house bright and early every Thursday and Friday morning. We work from 8am to 8:45am. I still go to see Lindsay for an hour a week at Theraplay. These two girls have put so much time into my progress that I will be forever grateful. Heather from the MCIU thinks I am gifted. I think I have so many wonderful people that care about me and work so hard with me that I am not gifted but just plain old BLESSED! I am starting to not hate my new ear. I like to wear it every day but its the first one I take off at night when I get tired. I will head back again to CHOP in another month and they will be checking the electrodes in my oldest implant. If you remember they weren't working and last month Carmen checked them again and they were working. She hasn't turned them back on yet because she is still watching them.

I got my birthday pictures taken a couple weeks ago and this what Picture People did with all the pictures they took of me.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

1st day of summer therapy

Today was the first day that my therapist from the IU was at my house. Heather was surprised that I could do all kinds of stuff with just my new ear. She thought I had both of my ears on. This is such hard work and I love my OLD ear but I am working hard with just my new ear on for a lot of time each day. Today Cochlear shipped my rechargeable batteries. I am so anxious! I will finally be able to swim and play in water and be able to hear. I don't know who is more excited about this, me or my Mommy and Mommom. They say it is such a pain to take me swimming and me not be able to hear anything they are saying. I don't know much sign language anymore so that doesn't help. And, just think about it even if I know sign language no one else really knows sign language around here so they wouldn't know what I was even trying to tell them. YEAH for rechargeable batteries! And, one more thing today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPOP!