Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1st day of Kindergarten Picture

Morgan could not have had a better first day of school!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Well it sure has been a long 5 years. We have had many many wonderful people help get Morgan to where she is today.
We will never be able to thank everyone for the jobs they have done but maybe seeing where Morgan is today is a thank you from her.
Morgan gets the bus at 6:55am and school goes from 8:10 to 3:15, she arrives back home at 4:28. That sounds like a super long day for a kindergartener but as other parents of CI kids know, this is pretty normal for them. CI parents and kids seem to travel far and wide for their CI
Kiddo from birth. It is not even unusual for families to have to move to different counties or even states! Morgan and her grandmomwould drive at least an hour to get to the Clarke school.
Morgan has found a good home at Pennview Christian School. This is such a good fit. Pennview goes above and beyond for Morgan. Wonderful teachers and staff all willing to learn about cochlear implants and how they work. Morgan is only 5 but these are her ears and she knows everything about them. She can change the batteries, knows how to use the charger and understands the remote.
Next week Morgan will be joining the cherub choir at church. She loves music! This is something a lot of CI kids don't do well with.
Today was our first experience with a school bus. Still hard to believe no seat belts.It was a challenge to get someone to listen to me that I really needed to teach the bus driver a little about Morgan and her implants. Ex: If Morgan was to fall asleep and the magnet slipped off she would not hear the bus driver or anything else for that matter. Job completed my Mom day before school. They will make sure she has 2 implants on when she gets on and off the bus! I feel better about this. Playground aid also informed. It feels like we are teaching the world again. As Morgan is getting older she is very good about teaching too. It is going to be a great year.

Rylee is growing so fast. Our hearing baby is learning to listen as if she were deaf too. We have done this for so many years I guess that is all we know. "listen Rylee, do you hear that" That's just our listening world at the Keely house. Let's see how fast a hearing child will learn sign compared to a deaf one. We always found signing harder with Morgan cause she could only see.

Hopefully another update later this month!