Saturday, December 28, 2013

How many kidney stones can a 7 year old make?

Saturday the 21st we met Morgan's new surgeon. He actually works on Saturdays at CHOP. Needless to say Morgan was very upset before, during and after the appt. We will be looking at 2 scenarios. Best case scenario is when they start surgery they see the camera and tools fit in her little body parts and they have no trouble getting either a 6mm lone stone or they find a cyst filled with lots of small stones. They could do another cat scan now to see if its a cyst or one stone but we opted not to put her thru under test when surgery has to be performed regardless.  If its a cyst they will also burn it so that it only has a 2% chance of coming back.

Next scenario would be the issue of the camera not fitting and a stent would need to be put in and surgery would happen at a later date. This way she would most likely need 3 surgeries and we all know Morgan has been thru this too much already.

On a brighter note Christmas vacation has been wonderful. Today we are going to Disney on Ice.

Love to all!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Who says Friday the 13th is bad luck?

Tomorrow marks the 200th stocking or sand bucket delivered to the children at CHOP!

Friday December 13, 2013 will be a special day for many children at CHOP.  Morgan is hoping to make many children smile when they get their stocking with Woofi inside it. 

Morgan has had to work harder than ever to make this donation happen this time around.  She made an extra donation this year in October which put her behind on gathering enough money to buy the Woofi's.  She put the word out and received the needed help from her supporters.  Morgan is so thankful for the outpouring support she has received.  She wouldn't have been able to make this happen without everyone!  The kind man from the Lehigh Valley purchased all the stockings for her. A man she has never even met. There are so many angels among us!!  We don't think some of our helpers know how  truly thankful Morgan is for their undying support. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your wonderful families!

Love and Hugs,
Morgan Keely

Monday, November 25, 2013

My day at CHOP on November 25, 2013

Well, I had a long day!  Mom and Dad took me to CHOP this morning for an ultrasound of that kidney at 11:00, and then after that we met with the urologist.  When we were done with him I went to Audiology for my yearly mapping.

I don't have great news to tell you today.  My mommom could tell right away I was a little upset when I called her on my way home. 

I am getting ready to deliver a big pile of Christmas stockings to CHOP and here I will be a patient again.  :(   I will have to work fast getting these stockings made and the brownies baked to get more money to by the Woofi's. 

My urologist has a plan.  It goes like this...... He is meeting on December 4th with the other doctors he works with to discuss my case.  I am not sure why that is.  After they talk the next step will be to put a stent inside of me and leave it there for a little bit (maybe a week or two)  After this stretches things around Mommy and Daddy will have to take me back to CHOP in Philly to have surgery.  The kidney stone is 6mm and needs to be surgically removed.  I am really not smiling when I tell you this. 
We also dropped off the stone I passed the other week at the lab today so they can see what it is made of.

Please keep me in your prayers right now!

Love to all!!!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Morgan's antics

Let's play catch up here.

The first semester is over at school.  Morgan did an awesome job along with her teacher cause it takes two to pull off a good semester.

Last week for a couple days Morgan was complaining she didn't feel right.  Then on Monday she had such pain so off to the Dr we went.  The Dr thought she could have appendicitis so he sent her to the ER.  At the ER it was diagnoised that Morgan's kidney stone wasn't behaving anymore.  When Morgan was 16 months old she had a kidney infection.  At that time we found out that she had a kidney stone but it wasn't causing any problems and would be left alone.  She sees a urologist for follow up every two years.  The hospital did an ultrasound and it was found that she had 3 stones.  One of the stones was causing a blockage.  Morgan was sent home with a strainer and later on Monday  night she did end up passing this stone.  We go down to CHOP on November 25th for another ultrasound and visit to the urologist.  The one stone is 4mm and I am not sure what the 2nd stones size is.

This past weekend we visited Gaylord's on the Potomac for a Christmas weekend.  We went thru the ICE tent.  This tent is 9 degrees and you have to wear special coats to go thru it.  It was amazing to see everyting made out of ice.  Even sliding boards.  People come in from China to build this masterpiece every year.  It was totally amazing!

We are getting ready to make our Christmas delivery of stockings to CHOP.  We have to bake some brownies and make some money for this to happen.  We have enough crayons and markers and we also have enough money to buy the stockings.  We are going to be baking up a storm so we can make sure there is a special Woofi puppy for each child.  Wish us luck,  this could be hard this time.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love Morgan and family.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Angels are Among Us!

A BIG Thank you to the awesome person that donated the money so Morgan can go buy the stockings this weekend for the Christmas CHOP drop off! Someday we hope to meet our Anonymous angels! For now though we thank you to the Moon and Back!

Love Morgan

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bucket drop off at CHOP on October 17, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know we had another successful bucket drop off at CHOP on Thursday.  I love seeing all the nurses with their smiling faces.  We donated two dozen buckets each again having that special Woofi the missionary puppy in them.  5 of the buckets were for little babies.  We dropped off very early in the morning so we didn't get to meet anyone this time.  Darn!  I had to get to school and Mommy had to get to work.  I am sure the kids that will receive them will be so happy. 

Our next bucket drop off will be at Christmas.  We will use stockings instead of sand buckets for this donation.  They look so awesome in the stockings!  We will be selling more baked goods to get money together for the purchase of the next set of Woofi's.

My goal is to donate 40 stockings for Christmas.  It will be my all time high.

Wish me luck!

Love Morgan

Thursday, September 26, 2013


We are now on facebook.  I think it will be easier to follow the activities Morgan's Magical Ear's is up to on facebook.  My blog will still be updated as usual.  The blog will contain health issues that of course facebook won't.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Community Day September 7, 2013

Hi Everyone!

I had the most amazing day this past Saturday.  Our local towns get together and have what is called community day.  About a month ago we decided to get moving and try to figure out some new ways to make some money to get more buckets to CHOP.

I have an amazing Aunt Becky who is so talented and she designed shirts for me.  We ordered t-shirts to sell.  We also sold funny cakes.  My Poppop thought we were nuts when we went to pick them up.  He couldn't believe we ordered 50 funny cakes.  He thought to himself what on earth are you going to do with all those cakes.  Well, Poppop was surprised because every single funny cake sold!  We also sold Woofi the missionary puppies.  I made 50.00 on the rubber band braclets that I make myself from my rainbow loom.  A rainbow loom is a plastic loom and you hook rubber bands onto the loom in different ways and they form a braclet.  They were very  very popular.

I had a view moments Saturday that were very memorable!  At 11:00 Mrs Moll, a teacher from Upper Perkiomen Middle School stopped at our booth.  She brought with her some of her students.  These amazing kids gave me a card and inside the card was $295.00 that they raised themselves.  Everyone had a tear in their eye from that gesture.  Kids Helping a Kid to make other Kids smile.  How about that!!!!  I made sure I got all my thank you notes done so that they could all be sent out in the mail or delivered in person today.

The other moment that was beyond what we could have expected happened almost at the end of the day.  A family came by and we started chatting a bit cause it wasn't so full anymore.  They have a sweet little baby that will be getting a bone marrow transplant in October.  They also have another little girl that is the donor for her sister.  These two special little girls both went home with sand buckets and each have a Woofi to take with them to CHOP.  We hope to follow their journey and pray for all God's miracles to be with them.  God is so good and he puts the right people in the right places just when they need them.  The mommy of these little girls needed to come by our booth at just the right time.  AND, let me tell you that wasn't luck was it??  No it was God working. 

Thank you for all the support I received on Saturday.  I really appreciate everything that people do for me and my buckets.

Wedding favor drop off will be coming up in 5 weeks. Won't CHOP be surprised when I bring a real bride and groom with me to drop off those buckets.

Love to all!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

10, 9, 8, 7........... getting ready for the big day!

Hi everyone!

School has started and I totally love love love my classroom and teacher.  Mrs Smith is awesome.  She is comfortable with all the hearing things that go together with who I am.  The FM system is set up and working great.  So far nothing could be going more smoothly in the classroom.  One of my N5 is defective again.  We are waiting for a coil and hoping that fixes the problem.  As of now I am using my old Freedom as the back up for that ear.  I don't notice much difference.  If I was older I probably would though.  I can hear Teen Beach Movie just fine, along with Jessie, my other favorite show.

We had a fun time the last weekend of summer at the beach.  Uncle Jamie and Becky were also down.  It is fun when the beach house is full.  Speaking of Jamie and Becky the big wedding is only 6 weeks away.  It is getting so close.  They are very excited and I am also.  I can't wait to be their flower girl.

This coming Saturday Mommy and me are doing a booth at Pennsburg East Greenville Community Days.  We reserved space for two tables.  We will be raising money for the Woofi buckets.  We are selling the Morgan's Magical Ears t-shirts, 50 funny cakes and 36 Woofi's.  Nana Sue (Woofi's owner) is giving us the 36 to sell.  For each Woofi purchased Nana Sue will donate one to the CHOP project.  Nana Sue ROCKS!

My Uncle Tom made the banner for the booth. That is also very cool.  He donated that to me.  It just goes to show you if you treat people with respect and love them as you love yourself it comes back around.  I treat people the way I want to be treated.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this works so well both ways. AND it feels good!

Here is a picture of Mommom, Poppop, Rylee and me from this past weekend.

Love, Morgan

Friday, August 23, 2013

Great News!

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I received in the mail the most awesome gift.  As you all know I have been waiting to hear back from AG Bell on the application I put in for a scholarship so that I can stay at Pennview Christian School.  Yes!  I received a very generous scholarship from the organization.  AG Bell is an organization that helps the hard of hearing and deaf communities.  I will be staying at Pennview!!!!!  This means the world to me. 

Yesterday was also orientation at Pennview.  I met my teacher and saw some of my new classmates.  Mrs Smith is very pretty.  I am anxious to start second grade.  I was also happy to see some of my friends were going to also be in my classroom.  We have 15 kids in our class counting me.  The room is carpeted and the shades in the room are room darkening so I wont have a problem with sound or visual needs.  I watch the teachers face very closely while she talks.  I am a listener with my implants as well as my eyes.

Today I will be paying it forward in celebration of my scholarship from AG Bell.  I wrote out 6 little (pay it forward) notes and put my sticker on that goes on my buckets.  We already paid it forward twice today and are looking for 4 more lucky people.  Our first stop was at Dunkin Donuts in Pennsburg.  The second one was at Starbucks in Quakertown.  Lucky for me the gentlemen at Starbucks didn't have a huge bill.  I hope these lucky people are excited and maybe some day pay it forward also.

See  you all Monday for my first day of school picture.

Lots of Love!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So Much To Do!

Boy oh boy are we busy here at Morgan's Magical Ears!  We have so much wonderful stuff going on.  I am mainly posting this for our own benefit of remembering.

School starts in 1 more week.  My Mom met my teacher last week.  Her name is Mrs Shawn Smith.  I hope I didn't make her to nervous when she found  out she was getting the cute little deaf girl in her classroom.  My teacher from last year was also in the meeting and she was giving her little pointers so she wouldn't be too scared.  It isn't that hard though.  I take care of my own implants at school.  Very seldom do they need attention but when they do I am capable now.  Even though I hear very well with my implants I will still always be deaf.  Because of that God gave me gifts such as my other senses are very fine tuned.  I am an awesome lipreader!  I didn't have to learn that, it just happened.  I am a visual person and am always watching your faces when you talk to me.  So, that being said let me see your pretty color eyes and don't be looking at  my magnets instead of me!  Mrs Miller explained to the new teacher that if her blinds are pulled on a sunny day that I can see her better without a glare from the sun interfering.  When I listen to people and miss a word my brain will be trying to fill in the blank of the word that I missed and because of that I have missed the next part of what you are talking about.  Get it????  I am a good advocate for myself in asking a teacher or friend to repeat themselves but its easier if they are aware of how my implants work.  Pennview did an awesome job making sure my FM/Soundfield was labeled when they had to return it to the intermediate unit.  Hopefully, that will go smoothly and it will be sent back to Pennview in September this year.  Last year I was without the soundfield for the better part of the year.  When we did get it, it didn't work properly at first.  Here is to a new year though!

I am going to be starting dance classes in September.  I tried this once before but I only had one ear at the time.  It was too hard.  All that tapping going on didn't allow me to hear instructions very easily.  I am now older and have two implants.  I know this is going to be so much fun! 

We are doing a fundraiser in September.  My Aunt Becky has designed Morgan's Magical Ear's t shirts.  We are in the middle of getting prices on them from different screen printers and hoping we get them to print this week.  We are also selling funny cakes at our upcoming community days on September 6th.  I am hoping we raise a lot of money with the Tshirt sales and the funny cakes.  I was talking to my Mommom last night about my future goals with my buckets.  I told it I would love to see EVERY child leave CHOP Chalfont with a Woofi puppy.  That puppy is the most popular thing in the buckets and the kids all just love him dearly.  Even after they are better.
More exciting things are happening with Woofi but I will post that at a later date.

Love to All!
Morgie Porgie pumpkin pie, kissed the boys and made them cry.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Smiles are Worth a Million Words!

Since we have created an email address for Morgan's Magical Ears, we have had the pleasure of seeing a few kids with their Woofi Puppies.  Its been so wonderful hearing their stories and we thought we would share.  If you got a Woofi bucket from CHOP please share with us at

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your family for the time spent to bring joy to children at CHOP. My son Isaiah went to CHOP today for surgery, that was a little more than about an hour. He was thrilled when he woke up and the nurse gave him the bucket you maid. To make a long story short, the stuffed dog you placed in that bucket has been with him from the time he got it to now, as I walked into my room to go to bed I found him asleep with the dog by his side.

I wanted to share this moment with you to show you that the work you do means a lot to the kids and their families. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, it will mean a lot to me knowing that I can make a difference in a child's life.

P.S. attached you will find a photo of Isaiah asleep with the dog.


Dear Morgan,

My name is Ryan, I am 2 and a half years old and yesterday, on August 5th, I had surgery at CHOP.  My surgery wasn't a big one like yours (we read all about your ears and you are very brave!), but I am so little that it was a little scary and hard for me to understand.

Once I felt well enough to go home, my wonderful nurse Karen handed me one of your Woofi buckets and I smiled for the first time since waking up from the surgery!  I could not believe all of the great things in the bucket!  I held my Woofi dog the whole way home and now I sleep with him in my bed. 

My mommy, daddy and I wanted to say thank you SO much for making me smile and feel better after my surgery!  Nurse Karen said it was a very special little girl who brings the buckets to make kids like me happy, I think you are very special, too!

Attached to this e-mail is a picture of me hugging my Woofi dog!  Will you please e-mail back to let my mom and dad know how we can make a donation to you so that you can make some more buckets for other kids?

Thank you!!!  :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Woofi and me kind of day!

Can you believe this picture????  Yes!  It's me and Woofi.  Like the real true life Woofi.  You might ask yourself how on earth does Morgan get to be with the real Woofi.

Well, this is the story.  As you might guess I know the owners of Woofi business quite well.  My Mom and I have become friends with them.  Everytime I make a bucket drop off they donate the hardcover Woofi books to go along with the donation. I am so appreciative of their generosity.  A couple months ago they were looking for some kids to do a photo shoot.  I love the camera as you can tell so it fit me perfectly.  Today  I get there and it isn't just a photo shoot as you would think.  We are having an awesome day shooting a video for the 2014 Vacation Bible school program.  This will be sent to churches when they are deciding what to choose for their Vacation Bible school theme next year.   I am playing the part of the grandchild. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

July 26, 2013 Sand Bucket Drop Off

Hello Everyone and Happy 6th Birthday to my ear!

In honor of my ears 6th birthday I have just dropped off over 2 dozen sand buckets to CHOP.  We even surprised the Drs and nurses with some nice warm Philly pretzels to go along with the kids goodies.  I love to see their smiling faces when we walk in. 

Today I was priveledged to meet a little boy that I gave a bucket to.  He was only one year old but he immediately pulled Woofi out of that bucket.  I was able to meet him before his surgery took place so he was wide awake.  The other special thing that happened was a lovely woman came up to me with tears flowing down her cheeks.  She was crying because she was so touched by my sand bucket project.  She was so kind that she wrote a check out to my Mommy and then the nice lady and I both shed some tears together.  I must be like my Mommom in a Hallmark store.  I cried very easily today when that wonderful lady started hugging me.  It was beautiful!

Last night another awesome thing happened.  Pennsburg United Church of Christ donated their entire Vacation Bible School  offering to my bucket project~!!  How incredibly awesome is that.  I felt so blessed by the people at that church.  Not only did I get over 160.00 in cash but a 5 gallon bucket that had neat things in it like snacks and
Barbie dolls, clothing, games. All things that will also be donated to CHOP. 

My next bucket drop off will be in the middle of October.  This bucket drop off is happening because my Uncle Jamie is getting married October 19th.  Instead of favors at his wedding there will be a donation made to CHOP via my buckets.  It would be neat to find all white sand buckets to mark the occasion.  We will have to think of something a little different.  

I better start selling some brownies to get money for my next bucket drop off, it will be here before we know it. 

I am still waiting to hear if I will be a recipent of some AG Bell Scholarship money so that I can attend Pennview Christian School.  Mommy said we should be hearing about that in August.  Keep your fingers crossed cause I really really want to go back to Pennview.  It is the best place for me to be with my implants.  We get to pray everyday at that school too.  I don't think that can happen if I don't attend Pennview.

Until next time,
Love to all!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Angels do walk on earth!

Hi Everyone,

We are in the hottest days of summer and I am getting ready to drop off 30 sand buckets at CHOP.  It is so much fun getting them ready.  We have so much help and everyone is enjoying paying it forward just like me.  This week my Mommom got a message that a wonderful lady that
 had 40 boxes of crayons and markers, 20 coloring books and 20 bottles of bubbles for my buckets.  That just makes my heart feel so happy that someone else is also taking joy in helping little kids.
Poppop took me to her home yesterday to pick up the item.s  It was very nice to be able to meet her.

 Most times I don't know who receives these buckets.  Sometimes they will send Mommy a note.  Sometimes the nurses at CHOP remember certain kids.  Dr Germiller says everyone loves them including the parents.  My goal is to make a childs day brighter.  I think we are doing that.  I will continue with this project as long as I can! 

This time my buckets will not only go to children I don't know at CHOP but to some that we were fortunate enough to know.  Sarah, the young girl at CHOP that got the lung transplant will receive hers this week.  Another little guy by the name of Joshua that has had open heart surgery at Hershey on July 17th will get one and also a little guy that my Mommy knows his mommy.  He is having surgery at CHOP on July 29th.  We have one saved for him also. 

I am attending bible school this week at New Hanover United Methodist Church.  What a crazy bunch of people telling the good news.  We are learning all about Moses.  I love it there.

Summer is flying by so quickly.  I have been doing lots of swimming at the beach.

Next week I will post some pictures of the bucket drop off.  I can't wait to show you the smiles on their faces.  They will be as big as mine!!!!

Love to all from Morgan.
You can now email at  Send me your Woofi pictures!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I am now a 2nd grader!

Well, I had a fun year in first grade.  Math started out a little shaky but everything ended up fantastic.  I am officially a 2nd grader. I am hoping to continue my education at Pennview Christian School.  It is so expensive though.  Mommy and I applied for the AG Bell Scholarship.  The requirements for it were extremely hard.  I had to write an essay as to why I felt I should be granted the monies.  Mommy had to write a letter about me and also about her financial status.  We also had to get letters from 3 references on me that were not allowed to be family members.  Dr Germiller wrote a wonderful one and so did the director at the Clarke Schools.  I didn't realize they all knew me so well.  They were all very touching recomendations and I am very proud of them.

Last Friday I met with Sarah Alderfer for lunch.  She is a CI sister that I met this past year.  She worked at Chick Fil A in Quakertown and she had one implant.  After I talked to her for a while she said she really didn't think she wanted two implants that her one was working really good for her.  Well, after some more thought Sarah  decided to go bilateral.  Her surgery was this week and she had the same awesome surgeon as I do.  I know Sarah is going to do awesome with her 2nd ear.  She gets activated on July 17th. 

We are getting ready to donate a big pile of buckets to CHOP in July.  We have choosen July as that is my first ears birthday.  It will be 6 years old on July 13th.  No one can tell me that Friday the 13th is bad.  Best day of my life!!!!!! 

On a family note, Mommy is doing an awesome job since Daddy moved out. Somedays it is hard for her to do the house and me and Rylee and work. It will be a year in October and I am still adjusting lots of days.  God doesn't give us something that we can't handle though.  We are anxious to see what God's plan has planned for us.  We know it is 110% perfect! I really miss Daddy so much though.

Here is a picture of me and Sarah.  She is so pretty!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Yesterday when I went to get the mail I came back home in total shock.  To my surprise there was a whole handful of envelopes addressed to Morgan. We spent time going thru and reading what all these people we don't know wrote to Morgan.  Morgan you are so inspiring. Morgan you and your Mommy are blessings. Morgan you are an angel.  Each card not only had a beautiful note but all combined there was over 200.00 plus a huge jar of change some good willed family dropped off at our front door.

Morgan is bringing out such wonderful acts of kindness we are totally overwhelmed.

Thank you God for bringing all these good people right  to our front door!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Morgan in the news!!!

What  great way to start a Tuesday morning!  Woke up to a wonderful article in the Morning Call about Morgan and her buckets.  I am beyond proud of her and  know she has an army of supporters and people that are proud of her too.  Morgan has turned me into a better person becuase of her kind heart.  God is amazing!  He has blessed me with two of the most wonderful daughters a Mommy could ever ask for.  I am so glad he is in contol becuase I couldn't have picked to better girls myself.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for Morgan.  I know he is going to bless us with many miracles along the way.  Keep up the good work Morgan, you are already at a place that some people never even get to in their lives.  You are beautiful, smart, caring, and confident!  I Love You so much.

Here is the article.  If anyone wishes to donate you can send checks/cash to us.  I am working on getting something set up online in the future.  Thank you all who have been to supportive.,0,3281393.story

Julie Keely
475 Blaker Dr
East Greenville, PA  18041

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring 2013

Today is the first day of spring and it is still very cold in PA.  We will still get some more snow before spring actually starts.  Last year the first day of spring the temperature was over 80 degrees.  Today it is freezing outside. 

Morgan's one processor isn't working right now.  We had exceptional customer service with Cochlear Americas this time.  We called on Monday and they were shipping a new one out as soon as they received her current map from CHOP.  Now mind you, we still don't have a new one and it is Wednesday afternoon but hopefully tomorrow. Morgan used to do so well with just one implant but now after almost 3 years of having bilateral hearing it is very hard for her to hear with just one "ear".  She came home from school Monday with a headache from working so hard at hearing.  We were so proud of her though being able to advocate for herself.  She made sure she positioned herself on the side of the teacher where her ear worked.  Way to go Morgan! 

We are busy getting ready for a sand bucket drop off next week at CHOP.  Morgan raised over 300.00 between Christmas and now to be able to surprise over 2 dozen children getting operated on next week.  We are picking up the Woofi's this week and finishing up the Easter project. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A day of trying to make lemonade from our lemons


I wanted to tell you about my day.  We were invited to join some of my CI friends to go swimming.  As you know from previous posts CI's are not something you can get wet.  I have the newest N5 but that is just good for splashing for the most part. It is still better than nothing!

Today I put on my tinny yellow bikini and tried again to get my processor into a plastic bag and then make this whole bag with the implant stay on my head so I could hear AND swim at the same time.  We get so many stares that people want to take pictures of us.  We must look kind of freaky to them.  To tell you the truth us kids don't care as much as our wonderful families do.  Our families have to work hard to protect us in so many situations.  All of our families are so proud of our implants and they love when people are curious and ask about what is that on his or her head.  I have to tell you though if some stranger starts taking pictures without asking or talking behind our backs, OMG LOOK OUT!   Our families can transform into animals in mere seconds!  Even if your own family isn't along you are so safe. The mommy or daddy from another CI family is as good as yours.  It is so fun to see the bond these families have that each child like me has so many parents always there for you and cheering you on thru everything you do in your whole life even if it has nothing at all to do with hearing!  

Once again the plastic bag was just ok. Most times I still prefer to stay deaf. It is just easier not to worry if I lost the processor or if the headband or bathing cap is holding it on correctly. I just hate not being able to hear when it's off though.  We don't sign much but in these instances I see a need to continue on a better signing education.  Most places steer you away from learning to sign cause they say that hinders your learning to hear with CI's .  In a way it does but we have to remember we are still totally deaf kids without this crazy magnet on our heads.

Today I will continue to make refreshing lemonade with my lemons!

Written by Mommom

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 2013, Happy New Year

Morgan went to see Dr Germiller last Thursday for her post surgery check.  What wonderful news we received.  For the very first time in Morgan's life she can hear bilaterally and she has no holes left in her ears from all the surgeries. Morgan did have two dizzy spells on Friday night but maybe that was from the Dr being in her ears.  Let's pray that is what it was from.  Oh Happy Day!  Morgan will be going back to CHOP at Easter time to deliver her Woofi Sand Buckets. 

Morgan has been trying to figure out how she is going to make the money to buy these Woofi's.  She has some donations left of crayons and coloring books but she really wants to make sure she has a Woofi in each bucket.  This past weekend at a very brisk 20 degrees Morgan decided to make brownies and sit out front and sell them.  She made 75.00!  Whoo Hoo!

This was another instance that we see God working thru the weakness Morgan was given.  What a gift in disquise this continues to be.  Here she is sitting in her little chair at 50 cents per brownie and some people were nice enough to ask what she was selling them for.  Morgan had brightened so many lives in two days of brownie selling.  It is just awesome to watch God work thru this child.  We had 3 people come back and give her $10.00 and $20.00 donations.  I would have to describe this day as the warmest cold day on record!