Friday, October 12, 2012

General update 10-12-12

Well, we are all thru summer and already into the middle of the first semester at Pennview.  I want to briefly update this blog so that we don't forget anything.  So much has happened in a few short months.

On September 28th Morgan had surgery to repair the hole that the tube left in her ear.  The surgery went well.  There was more pain to this than the implant surgeries though.  Dr G had to take a skin graft from the back of her ear and then go in thru her ear to patch the hole.  Usually when this is done the surgeon makes an incision behind the ear and patches holes that way.  Due to her implant he couldn't do it the normal way.  It was a very hard surgery but she is back to her old self.

This is Morgan's first year she is a Pennview with a different teacher.  As you know, we do love the school she is attending.  We are disappointed though that things aren't falling in line as quickly as they should have.  It is now the middle of October and there is still no good soundfield installed in her classroom. That is just pitiful!  Morgan gets services from her home school district and we actually had to also stop those.  Reason being:  I would drop her off at 7:30 in the morning and she would spend 45 minutes with the specialist from Upper Perk. After she was done an Upper Perk bus would drive her the 1/2 hour to Pennview.  Last year we had a male bus driver take her but he was accompanied by a female companion.  This worked fine and Morgan grew to love them both.  This year Upper Perk will not provide either a companion for a male bus driver or a female bus driver to take her.  I don't know what is really right or wrong but my heart told me that I just wasn't comfortable with a 6 year old being alone on this bus with a male for over 1/2 hour.  Could have been the wrong decision on my part but for now, my heart took over.  It is just crazy they couldn't accomodate due to probably over 80% of the bus drivers being female.  Sometimes I feel like people just like being in control. 

Morgan is also having difficulty with math at Pennview.  She will be attending some outside of the classroom help with a couple other children.  This will be for 30 minutes per week. Pennview doesn't do this themselves.  They have the intermediate unit do this teaching.The unit in which we are upset with due to the soundfield.  Goodness if she is struggling and then not  hearing as best as she can we have a long road ahead of us.  She just thinks in her head that things look hard and then she seems to just close up and can't keep her mind open to learn it.  She seems fine after she has it in her head.  She lacks self confidence but they don't see this at school.  We will have to make a really good effort in keeping the communication open between what they see at school and what we see at home.

On a brighter note, Uncle Jamie and Becky are getting married!  They got engaged at the beach on August 31, 2012.  Morgan is excited to be their flower girl.  She has been asking Jamie for a long time when is he going to marry Becky.  He finally listened to her!

I am hoping by the next time I post we have some positive things to report on school.