Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bucket drop off at CHOP on October 17, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know we had another successful bucket drop off at CHOP on Thursday.  I love seeing all the nurses with their smiling faces.  We donated two dozen buckets each again having that special Woofi the missionary puppy in them.  5 of the buckets were for little babies.  We dropped off very early in the morning so we didn't get to meet anyone this time.  Darn!  I had to get to school and Mommy had to get to work.  I am sure the kids that will receive them will be so happy. 

Our next bucket drop off will be at Christmas.  We will use stockings instead of sand buckets for this donation.  They look so awesome in the stockings!  We will be selling more baked goods to get money together for the purchase of the next set of Woofi's.

My goal is to donate 40 stockings for Christmas.  It will be my all time high.

Wish me luck!

Love Morgan