Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Ear Infection Continued...

The medicne didn't clear up the ear infection and we were back at the Dr. Monday night. It was indeed still infected so she is now taking a stronger antibiotic. She also has such a bad ulcer on her little looks so painful. The Dr. said that is part of a virus that is going around and it would heal on its own. It seems to be getting a little better everyday but it still seems very sore. Morgan obviously hasn't been eating to much due to the lip and ear infection. Poor baby! The medicine they put her on taste so terrible, its a fight to get her to take it so I will be very glad when the 10 days are up. Here is to a seedy recovery and getting are happy girl back!

Here is a few picture from our last snow storm that we had and it ended up getting so nice that we could go outside and build a snowman. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Ear Infection

On Wed night Morgan woke up telling me her ear hurt...I was thinking oh no here we go again. Well she woke up Thur morning and was acting totally fine. She told me it was all better. I sent her off to school and in the mean time I made and appt at the dr's for that afternoon...I just had a gut feeling. She came home from school and she still was acting fine. However every once in awhile she would just say ear. So I knew it was still bothering her. We had an appt at 2:45. When I pulled into the Dr office..she started saying no mommy, no dr. I felt so bad. Then we the dr came into the room she put her hands over her ears and was saying no, all done, all better. She ended up doing great, and with an ear infection in her right ear. I was not surprised at all. Got our prescription and off we went.