Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe how long it has been since this blog has been updated. For two reasons actually. One was a sign on issue. The other was our CI life has calmed down drastically. We are almost what I would call a "normal" family. Geez, I hope I didn't just jinx that.
Morgan is doing an awesome job in Kindergarten at Pennview. Everyone knows how the CI's work, the FM/Soundfield is working great not only for Morgan but for the whole class. The kids love passing around the microphone. It is just amazing to me how much they learn in Kindergarten in today's world. They have accomplished telling time and counting money and measuring just about everything you can think of. This week since it is Easter time they are doing an egg drop in science class. Poppop and Morgan think they have this all sewed up. We will see! Morgan is also now involved in learning to play the violin. Her teacher says to us she is a natural at it. That is incredibly hard to believe but stranger things have happened.
Morgan still has the one tube in her ear from almost two years ago. One fell out and left a hole. So on April 6th she is getting surgery to removed the one that is left in and patch that hole. If she doens't get any ear infections in the fixed ear then in 3 months she will have the ear fixed that left a hole from the tube that fell out on its own. Morgan had a problem with the anesthia when she got her tubes put in. Let us pray that this will not happen again! She is getting the first surgery on Good Friday at CHOP in Chalfont.

Morgan just loves to make her baby sister Rylee laugh. Her days are filled with all the things a normal hearing kindergarten girl does.

Hopefully now that this blog has a good sign on and good weather is right around the corner we will be updating more frequently.

We realize these blogs help other parents going thru the same journey as we are.