Thursday, February 25, 2010

You know your child has a Cochlear Implant when:

You know your child has a cochlear implant when...  (Thank you Jenn for starting this)

...her hearing aids made better chew toys than amplification devices.'re on a first name basis with the employee at Sally Beauty Supply, because you buy so much wig tape. momentarily wonder why anyone would try to teach the alphabet in the bathtub when your child can't hear in the bathtub, and then you remember... worry about rough play, tumbles, jumping, etc. because her coil might fall off. have a fear of plastic slides carry along static guard and dryer sheets when you go to the park. find yourself pointing out every sound that you hear (while pointing to your ear), even all those lovely potty sounds. pop her coil off once and a while and yell really loudly, to make sure that she really can't hear without it.'ve ever gotten strange looks or questions while in public. know what "ear gear" and "critter clips" are. never leave home without extra batteries, a back-up processor, a remote control, or extra wig tape.'ve discovered a contraption, like an aloksak or food saver bag, to allow your child to hear while swimming.
...children without cochlear implants start to look stranger than those with cochlear implants. decorate your child's CI to make it look "cool".'ve ever been driving and gotten hit in the back of the head with a flying processor.'ve had to search high and low for a processor that your child has mysteriously hidden somewhere, maybe even having disassembled first. know few, if any, other kids (or even adults) with cochlear implants. You've made most of your connections through the blogging world, or on facebook.'ve traveled far and wide to meet up with other families of children with cochlear've taken the John Tracy Clinic correspondence course. are a member of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Hand and Voices, or the American Society for Deaf Children.'ve ever received or know of others who have received hateful comments from a member of the Deaf community check the Ling sounds every day, and get worried if your child doesn't respond. refer to her processor as her "ear".
...your child takes off her "ear" because she's mad, frustrated, or doesn't want to hear you anymore. spend at least 2 hours a week in formal therapy, but all playtime is unofficial therapy time, and you're always looking for a teachable moment. narrate everything that you do, and even elicit strange looks at the grocery store from your repetitive comments like "up, up, up you go", "do you want a piece of cheese? hmmmm, cheese? I like cheese. Do you like cheese?" marvel every day at how the simple act of attaching the magnet allows your child to go from 0 to 95 in an instant.'ve adopted the "I love you" sign as your family symbol, even if you don't use sign language with your child. can't imagine life for your child without it. are able to vacuum, hang pictures, and told as loud as you want while your child is napping. have to pack batteries for a sleep over. get a call from school/babysitter not because the child is sick but because the light is flashing red, or her ear isn't working right.
...we got to the craft store for ear decorations.
...people appologize to you when they find out your child is deaf
...people think the flashing red like is a cool new earring
...when people actually think I would let my toddler wear a blue tooth
...when you can pretend the blinking red light is a "kid finder" just to see that persons reaction..LOL

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ear tube surgery 2/19/10

Well Morgan is doing well after her surgery on Friday afternoon.  Boy what a day.  My Mom came with me this time and it was her first and last.  Its so hard to see the stuff these little kids have to go through. We arrived at 12:30 pm and they checked us in and took us into a room pretty fast which was nice.  There they gave Morgan a gown and a pair of pants to wear, and a pair of socks.  She looked like a yellow duck. They took all her stats like her blood pressure, oxygen, weight (27 lbs), height, temperature etc.  Then she had some downtime until it was time for the giggle juice.  The Dr came in and asked if we had any questions, and the  anesthesiologist came in and gave us a run down as well.  He said since its such a short surgery there was no need for an IV "unless" certain things happened.  He listed a couple things but said don't worry it only happens like 2 times out of a 100 or its only a 5% chance.  I looked at my Mom and said he doesn't know Morgan very well.  She is always in the small percentage.  She didn't want to take the giggle juice so we had to make her take it.  Not fun.  When that started to kick in she got more limp and heavy.  Kinda like a baby.  She wasn't able to walk on her own so she had to stay in my arms the whole time.  She kept pulling up her gown and showing her belly to us and the nurses and giggling.  She thought that was pretty funny.  I guess thats why they call it giggle juice.  We gave her hugs and kisses and watched the nurse pick her off my lap and walk away with her.  Its the worst feeling in the entire world.  I really hope she never remembers it.  Off to the waiting room we went.  We got to talk with another nice family that was also waiting for their little girl to get out of surgery.  Dr Germiller then came out after about 15-20 min and said everything went great.  If she didn't get those tubes in today he said, she would have been at the dr that night or the next morning with an ear infection.  He drained alot of yucky cloudy fluid of of her right ear.  Then the anesthesiologist came out and we asked "how did everything go?".  He said "ok Now".  My Mom and I were like what do you mean Now?  Well believe it or not Morgan was  one of the few that had a small issue with the anesthesia, I can't remember what he called it but what happened was her vocal cords closed up, its the brains way of protecting the lungs from getting any fluid in them.  So they needed to put in an emergency IV so they could give her a muscle relaxer to release the vocal cord muscles.  Thank goodness though before they put anything in the IV her vocal cords released on their own.  She was all out of sorts when she first started to wake up.  She fell back asleep for a little while and then woke up a little better the second time once she realized it was me holding her and it was all over.  She then freaked out when the nurse tried to put a band aid on her IV when she took it out.  Morgan is the only kid I know that HATES band aids.  I can only imagine how she is going to be with a big bandage wrapped around her head in April.  Then we got all dressed to go home and Morgan gets sick all over both of us.  Didn't think to bring extra clothing.  We left shortly after.  All her color came back after that.  As soon as we got in the car she was asleep for the rest of the ride home and afternoon.  She had a lazy night of lying around until Aunt Marcie, Kacie, and Megan came over to give her an art set for being such a brave girl.  She was then up and running around and giving them a fashion show with her new bathing suit and summer dresses she got the other week.  She needs drops in her ears for the next week and boy I can't wait until that is over.  She hates them and it takes both Ben and I to hold her down and get them in her ears.  She always says they hurt but I don't know of anyone who really likes cold liquid being in their ears.  That part will soon be over!  Another milestone accomplished for Morgan!  Morgan you are such a Trooper and I am so pround to be your Mommy!  I love you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New tubes in the ear....

Well Feb 19th is approching very fast, it will be the end of the week before we know it.  I think its finally starting to set in that Morgan is going to actually have to go through with getting the new tubes put in before the implant surgery in April.  I just had to have to see her put under twice so close together.  It breaks my heart.  And even though I know its only a small procedure, and it will be for the better my fear and anxiety is on the rise.  I just keep praying for a quick, successful, painless surgery.  I know I will start crying the min they take her out of my arms into the O.R. room.  Its a scary moment for a Mommy, and it doesn't matter how many times you have gone through it in the past or how fast or long the procedure.  It really sucks to have to watch your baby go through this.  I got the call yesterday that we should arrive at CHOP in Chalfont at 12:30 pm.  I couldn't believe it.  I have to tell this poor child she isn't allowed anything to eat or drink(besides clears) from 11pm Thur night (which for her is like 8pm bedtime) until after the surgery.  Thank goodness she is allow popsicles without any pulp in them.  We are trying to make it into a fun things, telling her she is allow popsicles all day and she can even have one for breakfast.  We will be going to the store Thur night to get a variety of popsicles.  I am going to have to tape the pantry and refrigerator shut so she doesn't go helpping herself.   Well wish us luck on Friday!  I will post after we get home!  Morgan Mommy knows you will do great and you are a brave little girl!  You amaze me everyday!  I love you as big as the sky!

Monday, February 1, 2010

NBC 10 news....

It was an exciting morning....Morgan got picked to be on NBC 10 news this morning as part of the "Me and My Wheels" segment during the 5:15 am and 6:15am traffic report.  It was such a coincidence that at the 5:15 am one they were talking about cochlear weird is that.  She wasn't part of that though.  They said, "This is Morgan Keely of East Greenville Pa.  She loves riding her John Deere Tractor with her Pop Pop and her dog Spencer.  Here is the picture they used.