Thursday, January 13, 2011

Can you hear me?

Mommy is 1/2 way there. I am so excited to be getting a baby sister. I really want her to be just like me. I know I stand alone in that department. I know it is hard to take special care of me and my new ears. My family works very hard getting everything I need all the time. I wouldn't be the girl I am if God didn't choose an awesome family for me. We try singing Woofy the Missionary puppy song to her all the time to see if she moves when she hears it. It is too early to tell but the experiments Mommy does to see if she can hear seem quite silly to me.
I just can't wait til she gets here!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

It has been a bit since Morgan's blog has been updated. We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Morgan was very into Santa and thanks to Pennview Christian school she is very intune with why we have Christmas.

Morgan is going to be getting a baby sister. She is very excited. We will not know if our new arrival will be deaf as we had hoped to find out ahead of time. Insurance issues. We are preparing for the baby to be the same as Morgan.

Morgan had a visit to her surgeon this morning and she had one tube that has fallen out. It has left a hole in her ear that we need to watch. If it does not close on its on Morgan will be seeing the inside of the operating room again. We are soo hoping this hole closes on its own. While we were at the surgeons office we talked about proactively preparing for two more implants. The new baby will be implanted in one ear at 9 months old and the second ear around her first birthday. The surgeon is planning on making sure they get the cord blood from this new little one also. Wouldn't that be cool to maybe help another child battling leukemia. With cord blood the match doesn't need to be exact as in a transplant. Morgan really wants the baby to be deaf just like her. We are hoping for the opposite to happen. But, if it does God knows what an awesome job we did with Morgan and we welcome his gift with open arms.

Next month Morgan will be registered for Kindergarden. She will be attending Pennview Christian School.

We have been given so many wonderful gifts all because Morgan was born deaf. We are so thankful to have met the people that would have never walked into our lives if this didn't happen. Blessings Blessings Blessings!!!!

Until the next post, hopefully not as long, God Bless!