Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Morgan in the news!!!

What  great way to start a Tuesday morning!  Woke up to a wonderful article in the Morning Call about Morgan and her buckets.  I am beyond proud of her and  know she has an army of supporters and people that are proud of her too.  Morgan has turned me into a better person becuase of her kind heart.  God is amazing!  He has blessed me with two of the most wonderful daughters a Mommy could ever ask for.  I am so glad he is in contol becuase I couldn't have picked to better girls myself.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for Morgan.  I know he is going to bless us with many miracles along the way.  Keep up the good work Morgan, you are already at a place that some people never even get to in their lives.  You are beautiful, smart, caring, and confident!  I Love You so much.

Here is the article.  If anyone wishes to donate you can send checks/cash to us.  I am working on getting something set up online in the future.  Thank you all who have been to supportive.


Julie Keely
475 Blaker Dr
East Greenville, PA  18041