Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where to begin??? First day of school 2009

So much has been going on that I just haven't posted in awhile...I have to admit that I am not the best as post right away when something happens...I promise I am going to try and get better at that. Well fist things first. Morgan had her first day at her new school, Pennview Christian School. We love her teacher Mrs Derstine, she has been GREAT with Morgan and is willing to learn all about Morgan's Implant and whatever she needs to do to help her. We couldn't ask for a better teacher. Heather is Morgan's Hearing support and comes into the classroom to observe Morgan to make sure she is staying on track with her listening and speech. We don't want her to fall behind, because its just going to be that much harder for her to try and catch up again. Heather has also been great in educating the teachers that are working with Morgan and even going above and beyond and introducing herself to other staff in the school and the nurse. This was a tough decision for Ben and I. But when it came down to it we know Morgan has it in her and is a very smart little girl, and we need to give her the best opportunity to hear and learn from "typical hear peers". We really miss our family at Clarke but we know they are always there for us. Her first day of school was on Sept 1st. She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning. I am lucky enough to be able to drop her off at school and her Grandmom picks her up and they get to have a special afternoon together! Here is a picture of her on her first day of school. We got VERY VERY good reports home from Mrs Derstine and Heather on Morgan's first day of school. I think she really surprised them with how well she did. She made me so proud I was in tears. The letters home had things in it such as Morgan was able to follow the teachers directions from a 6ft-10ft distance(without speech reading cues), and without difficulty, such as "trace your hand","wash your hands", "put away the crayons". Morgan had and excellent first day at school. She did an excellent job of sitting for story with a great listening posture and attentively. (ps. Thanks Sherri and Sara) She did a fantastic job. Those were some comments from her hearing support teacher. Along with some other great notes from Mrs. Derstine. She is already making new friends and is loving her new school.

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