Monday, October 19, 2009

Disney On Ice

We took Morgan to see the 100th Anniversay Disney on Ice show this past week, I didn't tell her until that morning because she would have been asking everyday when we were going. She was so excited and she didn't have to wait long to actually go then. Her babysitter said she talked about it all day!!! So at 4:30 pm we left and were on our way for a 7 pm show, we thought we would grab some dinner when we got there or close. Well that didn't happen the traffic was so bad that we almost thought about just turning around and not going. We just barely made it. We got there at 6:50ish. Well the stress of the drives was totally worth it to see this little girls eyes just light up as Micky and Minnie and all the princesses came out on the ice! To see her little head bobbing to the music and her arms going was just priceless. It brought tears to my eyes just know she was able to hear and enjoy this because of Gods great technology! We are very blessed. It was so cute when Belle and the Beast came out as she yelled over the music to her Pop Pop "Don't be scared Pop Pop he turns into a Prince, its ok" What a beautiful sentence! Thank you Mom and Dad for coming along and being such an inspirational part of Morgan's Life.

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