Friday, January 29, 2010

January 2010

Well this month has been very crazy!  Morgan started going to school for the full day now instead of 1/2 day.  She goes to Mrs. Mcamy in the afternoon for more fun and education...she is one smart cookie!  She loves going and asks to go everyday!   We found out that we are officially schedule for a 2nd "ear" on April 21st.  I am so excited yet so nervous.  I over analyze everything so I am starting to wonder if we are doing the right things.  Thanks to my friends on CI Circle I feel much better about it. 
January 13th-was a crazy horrible night.  Morgan woke up with vertigo.  She was so dizzy she couldn't walk, and she kept bobbing her head to the right side.  I was so scared.  Even though she had a dizzy spell over a year ago it was still really scary.  She threw up a few times and then finally fell asleep for the rest of the night.  Which wasn't very long since we didn't fall asleep until about 3 am.  She wasn't dizzy anymore when she woke up, but was still a little unsteady walking.  We went to the pediatrician right away at 9 am to have them check her over and make sure her ears were not infected.  Everything checked out good.  Also was in contact with Dr. Germiller and his nurses.  There weren't to concerned about anything and had us watch to make sure she didn't get really high fever in case of meningitis and that if she showed signs of ear infection to take her to her dr.  Well she ended up getting an ear infection that Saturday night into Sunday(Jan 17th)  The Dr said there was lots of cloudy, mucky fluid in her ear and it didn't look nice.  He told Morgan he was looking for potatoes in her ears, and then when he saw that he told her she had rotten potatoes in that ear.  She really enjoyed his humor.
January 28-we have an appt to see Dr Germiller for a checkup and to see if we need tubes put in before the implant surgery, since we had another ear infection.  During the check up they asked a bunch of questions for the anesthesia part of her surgery to get that out of the way and Dr. Germiller also still found some fluid in Morgan's right ear.  It wasn't infected but it just wasn't draining all the way.  He had them to a tympanagram to see if her ear drum was moving, and the results were just what he had suspected.  Not moving very well from the fluid.  He also had them take an xray of her neck and head to look at her adenoids, to see if he needed to remove them.  Luckily they are normal and can stay put.  He will need to put new tubes in on Feb 19th though.  So we can get rid of the fluid and have time to recover before the big surgery.
Here is a copy of the x ray that they took, you can see the implant that is inside of Morgan's head... I thought it was awesome.

This first one is from the day she had surgery on 7/13/07 and the second one is from her dr appt 1/28/10.

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