Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almost there.....

I can hardly believe that Morgan's new ear is right around the corner.  It's only 14 days away!   So scary yet so excited.  Morgan isn't as thrilled with getting a new ear anymore since she has an idea of what surgery is from getting her tubes done in Feb.  It depends on the day if she wants a new one or not.  She was very excited to be able to pick out the cool covers for her new N5 that she will be getting.  She picked a pretty light purple one with white flowers on it.  Grandmom Frank would have definitly loved that one...Morgan and Grandmom F. share the favorite color purple. 
Insurance on the other hand is so confusing, it drives me nuts sometimes.  They tell me the surgery needs to be pre approved, and then I call today to check that it was approved and they tell me that it doesn't require pre authorization.  They insurance will decide at the time of billing if they are going to pay or not pay for the surgery.  CHOP said there is no guarantee that an insurance company will pay for any surgery.  So I am like great, I could end up with on very very very large bill after this is all done, and I will have no clue.  As if having to put your child through surgery isn't stressfull enough. 
Keep us in your prays for a safe surgry and a quick painless recovery! 

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