Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Morgan, Love Mommom

Dear Morgan,
Someday when you look back at this blog and see what a good job your Mommy and I did trying to make sure we touched everything along your journey.

This morning you were laying on the couch when I came in for my morning visit. You were just waking up. Nothing at all seemed unusual to me. After a little while I sat down with you and you seemed sad. You never seem sad. You are a fisty little girl with lots and lots of energy and enthusiasm. As a matter of fact, last night was your first soccer practice and you just had a ball. You ran and ran! Even when your ear came off you just put it back on and kept running. We talked a little more this morning and then all of a sudden I saw you really were sad. There was a big ole tear running down your sweet cheek. I had no idea why but oh my goodness I had one on my cheek that followed right behind yours. We started talking a little more and you told me, "Mommom, I wish I was like other kids and could hear. I wish I didn't have to wear these Cochlear Implants". Well, Morgan you did break Mommom's heart this morning! But you know Morgan, You are never alone in this journey that won't be easy at times. Your family is right there with you and when you have a tear you will see we do too. And when you smile we will smile too. We are part of you Morgan!

Love, Mommom

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