Monday, April 9, 2012

Paying it Foward!

This past Friday Morgan had the first of two surgeries. She was getting the tube removed from her left ear and a patch put on the hole. As she is getting older these pre surgery days are not as easy. She had lots of tears on Thursday night. We were trying to make it as light of a deal as possible but that seemed to backfire a little bit. I think she thought we were blowing something off that was very important to her. She was in better spirits Friday morning on her way to CHOP. Uncle Jamie went along with us. Ben's new job does not permit any real time off yet. The longest part was prepping and waking up afterwards. She slept for the better part of the day. Wide awake by the evening though so we had time to go get the Phillies Jersey she asked for. A little gift for being such a big girl. Well deserved. CHOP gave Morgan this cute little bucket for Easter. All the kids in the short stay unit received them on Friday. They were actually made by Merck though. Well, this sparked Morgan up so much that she is now going full steam ahead to have 12 buckets ready to donate to CHOP when she goes back in 6 weeks. She knows what a good feeling she got from someone else doing something nice. It is going to be a fun six weeks getting these buckets ready. She spent her Easter money that her Grandpop Frank gave her on some books for the buckets. She has chosen the book called, "How Full Is Your Bucket, For Kids" Very good choice I might add. Those books are around 10.00 each so this will be a bit difficult for her without some help. On Sunday she was an Angel in the Easter program for her Sunday School. She recited the Easter Bible Verses. It took a couple weeks of practicing to memorize them, but she got it!

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