Sunday, January 27, 2013

A day of trying to make lemonade from our lemons


I wanted to tell you about my day.  We were invited to join some of my CI friends to go swimming.  As you know from previous posts CI's are not something you can get wet.  I have the newest N5 but that is just good for splashing for the most part. It is still better than nothing!

Today I put on my tinny yellow bikini and tried again to get my processor into a plastic bag and then make this whole bag with the implant stay on my head so I could hear AND swim at the same time.  We get so many stares that people want to take pictures of us.  We must look kind of freaky to them.  To tell you the truth us kids don't care as much as our wonderful families do.  Our families have to work hard to protect us in so many situations.  All of our families are so proud of our implants and they love when people are curious and ask about what is that on his or her head.  I have to tell you though if some stranger starts taking pictures without asking or talking behind our backs, OMG LOOK OUT!   Our families can transform into animals in mere seconds!  Even if your own family isn't along you are so safe. The mommy or daddy from another CI family is as good as yours.  It is so fun to see the bond these families have that each child like me has so many parents always there for you and cheering you on thru everything you do in your whole life even if it has nothing at all to do with hearing!  

Once again the plastic bag was just ok. Most times I still prefer to stay deaf. It is just easier not to worry if I lost the processor or if the headband or bathing cap is holding it on correctly. I just hate not being able to hear when it's off though.  We don't sign much but in these instances I see a need to continue on a better signing education.  Most places steer you away from learning to sign cause they say that hinders your learning to hear with CI's .  In a way it does but we have to remember we are still totally deaf kids without this crazy magnet on our heads.

Today I will continue to make refreshing lemonade with my lemons!

Written by Mommom

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