Monday, November 25, 2013

My day at CHOP on November 25, 2013

Well, I had a long day!  Mom and Dad took me to CHOP this morning for an ultrasound of that kidney at 11:00, and then after that we met with the urologist.  When we were done with him I went to Audiology for my yearly mapping.

I don't have great news to tell you today.  My mommom could tell right away I was a little upset when I called her on my way home. 

I am getting ready to deliver a big pile of Christmas stockings to CHOP and here I will be a patient again.  :(   I will have to work fast getting these stockings made and the brownies baked to get more money to by the Woofi's. 

My urologist has a plan.  It goes like this...... He is meeting on December 4th with the other doctors he works with to discuss my case.  I am not sure why that is.  After they talk the next step will be to put a stent inside of me and leave it there for a little bit (maybe a week or two)  After this stretches things around Mommy and Daddy will have to take me back to CHOP in Philly to have surgery.  The kidney stone is 6mm and needs to be surgically removed.  I am really not smiling when I tell you this. 
We also dropped off the stone I passed the other week at the lab today so they can see what it is made of.

Please keep me in your prayers right now!

Love to all!!!


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