Monday, October 27, 2008

Urology Follow Up

On Friday Oct 24, 2008...Morgan had a follow up visit with her urologist at CHOP to check her kidney stone. Our appt was for 7 am and they told me to arrive 15 min early so we get there at 6:45 am...not a sole in the parking lot and all the lights off. They didn't open the doors till 7:10 am. Then Morgan got her ultra sound of her kidneys...she wasn't to thrilled waking up to that. After the ultrasound we had to go next door to see the dr. Sure enough CHOP didn't have my referral...BIG SURPRISE. So now I have to call the pediatrician and have the quickly do another referral so that we could be seen, otherwise they wouldn't see her. By the time they took us back we have been waiting for over and hour and a half, needless to say Morgan has almost had enough. Well we are finally seen, for about two min. The Dr. says the ultrasound looks the same and the stone is still in the same spot...we will do a follow up ultrasound and check in a year. I was like are you kidding me, all this waiting for that. But I should have known that. GRRRR

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