Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another CHOP visit

Last Thursday when I took Morgan's Implant out(she wears a mold in her ear to keep the implant from falling off) I noticed what looked like a little bit of dry blood draining from her ear. That ear which is the left one is the ear that still has a tube in it. I called the resident ent on call that night to see if there was anything I should do. She just told me to put a couple drops of the floxin drops in her ear and I would get a call in the morning. Friday morning I get a call from one of the ENT nurses, she says it sounds like her tube might have come out and its just irritated from that. She calls in a prescription for more floxin drops which she needs 5 drops twice a day and also an antibiotic to take just in case it was drainage from and ear infection. I wasn't to thrilled with having to put her on medicine if I didn't need to. I asked the nurse to have Dr. Germiller call me since they couldn't see Morgan that day. Dr. Germiller did call back..her is the greatest! He said it could be the tube coming out or a granuloma which is a ball-like collection of immune cells trying to destoy a foreign substance . Dr. Germiller wasn't seeing patients on Tue but he said that he would fit Morgan in since we were going to be in the area. Morgan had school at Clarke that morning and then we were off to CHOP in the city. Morgan made little I Love You sign language choc lollipops for Dr Germiller to take home to his kids, and also we took him homemade sticky buns. She was excited to see him until she realized that he was going to be looking in her ear. He used a vacuum to suck all the junk out of her ear, which seemed like it took forever because it took me to hold the top part of her down against my chest and my Mom had to hold her legs down, and the Dr. was holding her head as much as he could. Boy is she strong, my arms hurt after that. It didn't hurt her but just being held down made her mad, she was fighting us so bad. Finally after all the sucking and having to replace the instrument he was using, because it got clogged he pulled out a granuloma from her ear. It was alittle bigger than a pin head. We were all done. Now she is on strong ear drops for 10 days. She was so exhausted from fighting us she was starting to fall asleep in my arms. Poor baby! She just kept saying "all done Mommy, all done" and she kept saying "car Mommy" I felt so bad. We go back in March for a recheck.

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