Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exciting things are happening!

The sand bucket project is in full swing! We are so excited for Morgan. Tuesday Morgan was given two cash donations from friends. On Tuesday Morgan also received material things for her buckets from her daytime caregiver. Wednesday we got a letter from the publisher of the book and they are DONATING the books for the buckets. These books are so meaningful. Every child needs to have this book! Today a company in Quakertown donated $100.00. We also have been in contact with Woofi the missionary puppy organization. For every Woofi that is purchased they will also donate a Woofi for Morgan's buckets. This is also not just a regular stuffed puppy. It is helping someone else. So two children will be helped with the purchase of one puppy! Doors just keep opening, The Lord our God is so incredibly WONDERFUL!

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Nancy said...

Hi Morgan. I read about you in today's paper and then came to your blog. We were very impressed, and proud, of what you are doing. If your mommy would email me ( and send me your address I'd like to send some money to help with your bucket project. I knew your daddy when he was your age. I made him many grilled cheese, or hot dogs, when he ate lunch in our backyard. Please keep up the great work you are doing.