Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss Morgan!

What a challenging 6 years we have had with Morgan.  Soooo many things have happened in a short amount of time.  Looking back over these years we can now clearly see how God is working through Morgan.  Morgan has taught us so many things that she didn't even know she was doing.  It is amazing to see how God did his work through a child! 
Morgan's whole family has learned never to take anything for granted.  We have learned that CHOP is full of families dealing with severe heart break every single day.  We don't understand the suffering that happens to small children along with their parents.  It is the place every single parent should have to visit.  So many people take things for granted.  When a baby is born and they do all those tests to your newborn that  you don't even know they are doing.  All that stuff is taken for granted til the sky falls. 
Morgan has finally had  her first birthday party with kids.  She and 8 friends had a party at Sweet and Sassy.  They had soo much fun!  That will be the first and last kids party for quite a few years.  The prices for having a kids party are ridiculous!  The girls had fun getting their hair done and nails and makeup.  They then got to dress up and use the runway for some fashion show time. Morgan was in her glory.  Her face was just priceless.  That same day we had our family party too.  Rylee and Morgan had to share the limelight for that one.  Didn't bother either one of them  one little bit to share the day.  That is good cause they will be doing that shared party for many many years.  Just so they each have their own birthday cake.
We also had yearly check ups this week.  Morgan grew 1 1/2 " and about 2lbs since last year.  She is a tiny little thing and they are watching her closely.  She is 34 3/4 lbs.  They will test her thyroid just to be safe.  She has such a tiny set of parents that is probably those genes that  are working in her again.
Next Wednesday Morgan has to go back to CHOP for a mapping.  It has been a long time and we are noticing some things that are leading us to her needing a mapping.  She just doesn't seem to be as sharp as she usually is.  We now can see why they say you  have to keep a CI kid one step ahead of the class all the time cause they can fall behind so fast you won't even notice it.  That seems to be happening.  We didn't know if what we were witnessing was a 6 year old selective hearing or just the end of a long school year. I will  post next week to update on this mapping.  Also, next week she goes back to the urologist at CHOP for her kidney stone issue.  Hopefully this hasn't moved and is still just sitting there being a good little stone.
After the morning appointment at CHOP she has a 1:30 appt with the eye dr.  The teacher has noticed Morgan's sight is not as sharp from a distance.  Nothing was noted at her check up last night though.  Hope all this turns out good too!
Until next week, Happy Birthday Morgan and Rylee!!!!

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