Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week of Dr appts

Morgan has had her share of Dr appts this week.  When Morgan and Rylee went for the yearly check up's last week we would have guessed the Dr would have said something about our chubby Rylee.  Nope, Morgan's turn again.  He was concerned she is dropping on the growth chart even though she grew and gained weight it just wasn't enough.  He advised she go for some blood work for her thyroid.  After reading some of the things that go along with a thryoid not acting correctly we thought maybe she does have an issue.  We have noticed she isn't as sharp in the past couple months as she usually is.  Next appt was CHOP audiology.  It has been a year since her last mapping.  There were tons of adjustments that they made to her newer ear.  This was probably the problem for her not being as sharp.  She is getting new processors that will accomodate a personal FM system.  We will see how she does with this.  A lot of times younger children have a hard time figuring out if the FM isn't working correctly.  We have used a soundfield in her classroom up to this point.  The FM would not be used all the time as she needs to be able to hear good without this crutch.  But it could be a tool that she would benefit from greatly in the classroom.  We have seen how fast a CI kid can go from above par to falling behind so quickly.  We understand why they want these kids always a step ahead of the other kids because of this.
Next Dr visit was CHOP urology.  Morgan has a 2 mm kidney stone that gets checked every other year to make sure this little stone stays floating and not growing.  So far so good.  Next appt will be when she is 8 years old.  Last Dr visit for the week was with Dr Godfrey, eye dr.  Morgan was complaining in school that she was having a hard time seeing the whiteboard.  She is not 20/20 but she isn't bad enough to get glasses.

One more thing,  on the way home from CHOP we were going to visit the zoo.  We were getting off at the Girard Ave exit and WHAM, someone hit us from behind in our brand new car.  Morgan of course was freaking out.  She has been in 3 accidents so far and knew just what this could mean.  We called 911 and by darn the guy drove off.  The officer said this happens all the time in Philly.  He said he probably had no license or insurance anyway.  We did still enjoy some time at the zoo though.

Morgan also started swimming lessons.  She is really scared of the water.  We think a lot of this has to do with a bad experience when she was little and had to swim without being able to hear.  She really doesn't even like to get her face wet.  I think swimming is the worst thing about being deaf.  Now that her new implants are somewhat water friendly it isn't as bad.  It has always been hard to keep her attention at the pool cause kids just like to be everywhere and to keep facial contact gets hard.  It always seems like we struggle with this.  She is enjoying the water a little bit more.  One more week of classes though.

Off to the beach this weekend for some boating and relaxing!  Hope it goes without incidence.

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