Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring 2013

Today is the first day of spring and it is still very cold in PA.  We will still get some more snow before spring actually starts.  Last year the first day of spring the temperature was over 80 degrees.  Today it is freezing outside. 

Morgan's one processor isn't working right now.  We had exceptional customer service with Cochlear Americas this time.  We called on Monday and they were shipping a new one out as soon as they received her current map from CHOP.  Now mind you, we still don't have a new one and it is Wednesday afternoon but hopefully tomorrow. Morgan used to do so well with just one implant but now after almost 3 years of having bilateral hearing it is very hard for her to hear with just one "ear".  She came home from school Monday with a headache from working so hard at hearing.  We were so proud of her though being able to advocate for herself.  She made sure she positioned herself on the side of the teacher where her ear worked.  Way to go Morgan! 

We are busy getting ready for a sand bucket drop off next week at CHOP.  Morgan raised over 300.00 between Christmas and now to be able to surprise over 2 dozen children getting operated on next week.  We are picking up the Woofi's this week and finishing up the Easter project. 


John V. said...

Great picture! Sounds like she's doing great raising money for buckets. Love the updates, keep them coming.

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Mommy said...

Thank you, Morgan!!! My daughter, Amanda, had bilateral tubes placed today at CHOP. She received one of the buckets you made. They are adorable and it made her recovery not so bad. What you are doing is a wonderful thing!!! You are a sweet little girl.

Caleb and family said...

Morgan and Mommy,
My little boy Caleb(11 months old) recieved a Easter bucket when he went to get his 1st cochlear implant surgery...THANK YOU. It was a very hard day and when he saw Woofi he got so excited and reached out to give him a hug... and then when we(my husband and I)opened his ears and saw Jesus Loves You it gave us such comfort on such a tough day. We can't thank you enough. What you are doing for all the children that recieve your packages is very special you are certainly a special gift from God. Thank you for making Calebs day a little better. Thanks, Caleb and his Family

Morgan's Mommy said...

I am so glad to hear the buckets are helping. Morgan is an inspring little girl and knows first hand how it feels to get something right after surgery. Keep us updated on Caleb and is new hearing journey. Morgan got her first implant at 13 months old and her 2nd implant will have its 3yr birthday this month. You are going to witness Gods magic first hand through Caleb, and I am so excited for him to hear his Mommy and Daddy tell him he loves him for the first time. The best moment ever. If we can help with any questions please feel free to contact us, we are always looking for new CI friends. Happy Hearing.