Monday, September 9, 2013

Community Day September 7, 2013

Hi Everyone!

I had the most amazing day this past Saturday.  Our local towns get together and have what is called community day.  About a month ago we decided to get moving and try to figure out some new ways to make some money to get more buckets to CHOP.

I have an amazing Aunt Becky who is so talented and she designed shirts for me.  We ordered t-shirts to sell.  We also sold funny cakes.  My Poppop thought we were nuts when we went to pick them up.  He couldn't believe we ordered 50 funny cakes.  He thought to himself what on earth are you going to do with all those cakes.  Well, Poppop was surprised because every single funny cake sold!  We also sold Woofi the missionary puppies.  I made 50.00 on the rubber band braclets that I make myself from my rainbow loom.  A rainbow loom is a plastic loom and you hook rubber bands onto the loom in different ways and they form a braclet.  They were very  very popular.

I had a view moments Saturday that were very memorable!  At 11:00 Mrs Moll, a teacher from Upper Perkiomen Middle School stopped at our booth.  She brought with her some of her students.  These amazing kids gave me a card and inside the card was $295.00 that they raised themselves.  Everyone had a tear in their eye from that gesture.  Kids Helping a Kid to make other Kids smile.  How about that!!!!  I made sure I got all my thank you notes done so that they could all be sent out in the mail or delivered in person today.

The other moment that was beyond what we could have expected happened almost at the end of the day.  A family came by and we started chatting a bit cause it wasn't so full anymore.  They have a sweet little baby that will be getting a bone marrow transplant in October.  They also have another little girl that is the donor for her sister.  These two special little girls both went home with sand buckets and each have a Woofi to take with them to CHOP.  We hope to follow their journey and pray for all God's miracles to be with them.  God is so good and he puts the right people in the right places just when they need them.  The mommy of these little girls needed to come by our booth at just the right time.  AND, let me tell you that wasn't luck was it??  No it was God working. 

Thank you for all the support I received on Saturday.  I really appreciate everything that people do for me and my buckets.

Wedding favor drop off will be coming up in 5 weeks. Won't CHOP be surprised when I bring a real bride and groom with me to drop off those buckets.

Love to all!


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