Thursday, June 26, 2014

Schools Out for Summer!

It is finally summer after a very long winter. 
I am now a 3rd grader.  Not sure where I am a 3rd grader at yet.  Hopefully it will be at Pennview though. We have to wait and see and if it is God’s Will we will be back to a place we now call HOME. 
Second grade was a great year.  I loved my teacher Mrs Smith.  I learned so much in second grade and if you remember she was a fifth grade teacher and moved to second grade.  I can tell  you for sure Mrs. Smith got way way more hugs this year in 2nd grade than she would have received in 5th grade.  I think she liked receiving all the hugs!  She also had to put up with a bunch of giggly girls that all became close friends. 
My dad got my sister and I Dorney tickets for our birthdays so we will be using them a lot this summer.  It is so fun there.  I am also going to read Harry Potter.
 If you remember when I was so sick in February with those kidney surgeries Art on Main decided to give me a little party when I felt better.  Mommy decided it best to wait til summer since the school year was crazy with me missing so much school.  This party is planned for next week.  Maxine and her husband Dave are such a great couple to have given this to me.  I am going to have the girls bring things for CHOP buckets instead of gifts for me to pay it forward.  It is going to be such a fun night!
Speaking of the buckets.  It will not be long til we deliver the July buckets.  We will be at CHOP for my ears birthday at the end of the month with at least 25 more buckets.
Last week I had my first dance recital.  I was nervous but I totally loved it.  I loved ballet the best.
Love, Morgan

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