Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Silly sisters!

I had to share a picture of my silly sister Rylee.  She is my best friend.  When she isn't home I always want to go pick her up so we can play babies.  Rylee will bring me my ears in the morning so she can wake me up.  We love to watch Frozen together.  I just love having Rylee as my sister!  God gave me one silly best friend.

Some might wonder about my hearing verses Rylee's.  I am deaf due to connexin 26 and 30 gene mutation.  Rylee also carries the 26 connexin gene.  She is the same as my mommy.  My daddy carries the 30 gene and together the 26 and 30 made me deaf.  Rylee only carries the one gene so she could also have a deaf child someday if her husband would have the 26 gene.  Or even crazier if her husband would be the same as my Dad.  That would be like hitting the lottery but who knows, I would say I am the jackpot my Mom and Dad got.

Genetics are very hard to understand but it is amazing what two things in your DNA can do and maybe can not do to make you who you are.  Maybe someday I will have to study this.  For now, I am just me, Morgan, the happy little bucket giver!  Have a fun day and if  you have a sister or brother I hope you love them as much as I love mine.

Love, Morgan

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