Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thank you Hasbro and GenerationOn

I had the most exciting time in Los Angeles last week!  I will remember it forever.  My Mom and I left on Thursday early in the morning.  We got to LA before lunchtime and met Emily from GenerationOn.  We checked into our hotel room and checked out our surroundings for the next 4 days.  The pool was really nice.  But, guess what I forgot my darn ears!  The new kids I was meeting for the first time learned all about what a cochlear implant was.  They thought it was funny when Mommy said to me before I went on the roller coaster in Santa Monica to take my ears off.  My new friend just looked at me, then he said, what the heck????

On Friday all 10 Hasbro Community Hero's spent a whole day together learning about each other and doing media training.  It was a long day but very interesting and fun.  It felt like I knew these other kids for way longer than a day.  We enjoyed dinner together with some of the kids and their parents. 

Saturday we toured Ave of the Stars and went swimming before it was time to get ready for the Block Party.  That block party was incredible!  I met so many TV stars as well as movie stars.  It was very hot.  I also spent time with Brian Goldner, CEO of Hasbro.  You could tell he really loved the day too.  He loved hearing all the different stories and how we were all so different and what our service projects were all about. 

GenerationOn did a really nice recap of Saturday.  I have attached it for you to take a peek at.  You can tell I really enjoying talking when I get started.  I have many pictures on my facebook page also.

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