Tuesday, April 14, 2015

YIPEE!!!! California Here I Come!

We are so excited to announce I have been chosen as one of the 2015 Hasbro Community Action Heros for 2015.  Mommy and I will be leaving for California tomorrow after school.  I will be meeting the CEO of Hasbro and all the other kids that have done amazing things for their communities 

I  have now donated more than 500 buckets to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  I  have also shipped buckets across the country to other kids that need some cheering up. I just love love love to make kids smile and their families too. 

We do not update this blog very much anymore as we use facebook as our communication tool.  You can also find me on facebook under Morgan's Magical Ears.  I will update this blog when we return home from California and show you lot of pictures and also tell you what I did.

Thank you everyone for supporting me!  I just have so many people that helped me over the past 4 years to get this ministry as far as I have gotten it. 

So,,,,, here is to Making Smiles Happen in LA

Love to all of you,


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