Thursday, February 25, 2010

You know your child has a Cochlear Implant when:

You know your child has a cochlear implant when...  (Thank you Jenn for starting this)

...her hearing aids made better chew toys than amplification devices.'re on a first name basis with the employee at Sally Beauty Supply, because you buy so much wig tape. momentarily wonder why anyone would try to teach the alphabet in the bathtub when your child can't hear in the bathtub, and then you remember... worry about rough play, tumbles, jumping, etc. because her coil might fall off. have a fear of plastic slides carry along static guard and dryer sheets when you go to the park. find yourself pointing out every sound that you hear (while pointing to your ear), even all those lovely potty sounds. pop her coil off once and a while and yell really loudly, to make sure that she really can't hear without it.'ve ever gotten strange looks or questions while in public. know what "ear gear" and "critter clips" are. never leave home without extra batteries, a back-up processor, a remote control, or extra wig tape.'ve discovered a contraption, like an aloksak or food saver bag, to allow your child to hear while swimming.
...children without cochlear implants start to look stranger than those with cochlear implants. decorate your child's CI to make it look "cool".'ve ever been driving and gotten hit in the back of the head with a flying processor.'ve had to search high and low for a processor that your child has mysteriously hidden somewhere, maybe even having disassembled first. know few, if any, other kids (or even adults) with cochlear implants. You've made most of your connections through the blogging world, or on facebook.'ve traveled far and wide to meet up with other families of children with cochlear've taken the John Tracy Clinic correspondence course. are a member of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Hand and Voices, or the American Society for Deaf Children.'ve ever received or know of others who have received hateful comments from a member of the Deaf community check the Ling sounds every day, and get worried if your child doesn't respond. refer to her processor as her "ear".
...your child takes off her "ear" because she's mad, frustrated, or doesn't want to hear you anymore. spend at least 2 hours a week in formal therapy, but all playtime is unofficial therapy time, and you're always looking for a teachable moment. narrate everything that you do, and even elicit strange looks at the grocery store from your repetitive comments like "up, up, up you go", "do you want a piece of cheese? hmmmm, cheese? I like cheese. Do you like cheese?" marvel every day at how the simple act of attaching the magnet allows your child to go from 0 to 95 in an instant.'ve adopted the "I love you" sign as your family symbol, even if you don't use sign language with your child. can't imagine life for your child without it. are able to vacuum, hang pictures, and told as loud as you want while your child is napping. have to pack batteries for a sleep over. get a call from school/babysitter not because the child is sick but because the light is flashing red, or her ear isn't working right.
...we got to the craft store for ear decorations.
...people appologize to you when they find out your child is deaf
...people think the flashing red like is a cool new earring
...when people actually think I would let my toddler wear a blue tooth
...when you can pretend the blinking red light is a "kid finder" just to see that persons reaction..LOL


Joybell74 said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad you found it encouraging. You are welcome to email me joybell74 at We are hoping that CI wil help Joey. I am so much more encouraged after doing some research...and just reading blogs.
Yes, God answers prayer...not always the way we might want, but HE does answer...and HE does give strength to get through every day!

Mary Shaddox said...

I love this post. I have a son whis is a bilateral implant user too.

Yanti said...

So very true..we had people asking if that thing on my daughter's head is a kid finder device.One person even asked if the blinking thing is a hairclip??lol
what a lovely blog!