Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New tubes in the ear....

Well Feb 19th is approching very fast, it will be the end of the week before we know it.  I think its finally starting to set in that Morgan is going to actually have to go through with getting the new tubes put in before the implant surgery in April.  I just had to have to see her put under twice so close together.  It breaks my heart.  And even though I know its only a small procedure, and it will be for the better my fear and anxiety is on the rise.  I just keep praying for a quick, successful, painless surgery.  I know I will start crying the min they take her out of my arms into the O.R. room.  Its a scary moment for a Mommy, and it doesn't matter how many times you have gone through it in the past or how fast or long the procedure.  It really sucks to have to watch your baby go through this.  I got the call yesterday that we should arrive at CHOP in Chalfont at 12:30 pm.  I couldn't believe it.  I have to tell this poor child she isn't allowed anything to eat or drink(besides clears) from 11pm Thur night (which for her is like 8pm bedtime) until after the surgery.  Thank goodness she is allow popsicles without any pulp in them.  We are trying to make it into a fun things, telling her she is allow popsicles all day and she can even have one for breakfast.  We will be going to the store Thur night to get a variety of popsicles.  I am going to have to tape the pantry and refrigerator shut so she doesn't go helpping herself.   Well wish us luck on Friday!  I will post after we get home!  Morgan Mommy knows you will do great and you are a brave little girl!  You amaze me everyday!  I love you as big as the sky!

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