Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visit to CHOP on 6/15/10

Daddy and I had a special visit this morning to Philadelphia. We had an 8:00 appt with a booth test and mapping. I tested 25 decibels in the booth and the mapping only needed to be tweaked. They were so proud of how far I have come in the past 3 weeks. I then spent an hour in speech. I surprised them also. They said that I was testing at 4 to 5 months post activation instead of a short 4 1/2 weeks. I am working very very hard though. I now don't mind as much when I have to take my old ear off to listen. Carmen at CHOP also tested the two electrodes that were no longer working and found that they are indeed working again. She didn't turn them back on just yet. they want to watch and see next time I go. Mommy takes me to Theraplay on Mondays. My therapist is working so hard in learning everything she can to make this new ear transition really fast. On Monday night they told Mommy I did so well and scored 90% accuracy in speech recognition. My special prize was not just one but THREE bottles of glittery nail polish! I am such a girlie girl.

I am finishing up my first year of mainstream preschool at Pennview. I have had such a great experience there. I had an awesome teacher that learned everything she could about a deaf child. I am the schools first CI kiddo. I also had a fantastic teacher from the IU that worked very hard making sure I wasn't missing a trick. I want to thank every person that has helped me become the outgoing girl I have become this year. I am no longer a toddler but have grown into a big girl. I am ready for summer and spending lots of time with my friends at Auntie Gails.

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