Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cochlear Implant fundraiser

We had our 2nd annual bake sale to raise awareness for Cochlear Implants. It was such a hot hot day. Some of the people remembered us from last year and were running to get their favorite baked good. Mommy and I can bake some really yummy desserts. Some of the people in Delaware call whoppie pies, gobs. They were a big seller again. We didn't have too much left over this year. One man that owns a catering business actually would like my Mommy to bake for his events if he has them on the weekends. How exciting since this is really Mommy's dream to own her own bakery.

After the bake sale we spent time in the pool. Mommom says that swimming and deafness is the worst combination. Just think about it, I always want to go to the other end of the pool and I am much faster on the outside of the pool and I can't hear anyone tell me to not go to the deep end. So, they are trying to get my attention and it just doesn't work well at all. Especially cause they are usually in the water and have to jump out really fast to get me before I jump in at the wrong place. Soon I will get special batteries so that I can hear when I am near water. That will be such a big help for whomever is watching me. I read lips really well but I have to be close to you to do this, so again swimming and deafness are like oil and water!

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