Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CHOP Mapping appt 7-13-10

We had our 8:00 appt at CHOP today and a 9:00 appt for speech. They were so surprised how well I was doing with my new implant. I am two months post activation. They have scored me at 6 months post activation. I have to thank all the people that are helping me with the numerous hours of therapy that I am enduring. Heather from the Montgomery County IU dept comes to my house bright and early every Thursday and Friday morning. We work from 8am to 8:45am. I still go to see Lindsay for an hour a week at Theraplay. These two girls have put so much time into my progress that I will be forever grateful. Heather from the MCIU thinks I am gifted. I think I have so many wonderful people that care about me and work so hard with me that I am not gifted but just plain old BLESSED! I am starting to not hate my new ear. I like to wear it every day but its the first one I take off at night when I get tired. I will head back again to CHOP in another month and they will be checking the electrodes in my oldest implant. If you remember they weren't working and last month Carmen checked them again and they were working. She hasn't turned them back on yet because she is still watching them.

I got my birthday pictures taken a couple weeks ago and this what Picture People did with all the pictures they took of me.

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