Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My very own Marine!

I had such a nice week. I got to spend time with my Mommy's Godparents and their children at Paige and Tom's house. They were all together because a very SPECIAL man, Tommy was home to get married to his beautiful bride Janet! We don't get to see them much especially with how darn busy these magical ears of mine keep us. It has been 4 long years of lots of Dr appts and therapies and surgeries. Hopefully, since my ears are doing so well and the bilateral surgery is over I can become what some would call a "normal" kid. I had some really nice family members help my Mommy and Daddy come up with the rest of the money to buy those expensive batteries I need. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I can now hear in the bathtub and the swimming pool. Of course we are a little chicken of the pool yet.
I CAN'T TELL YOU IN WORDS HOW AWESOME IT IS TO BE ABLE TO HEAR!!!! When my ears are off I am very quiet and it isn't fun. I always want my ears on.
What a great week I had getting to know everyone and especially, my very own Marine, Tommy! I love you! Wait til Tommy's friends see he is going to be getting letters from another pretty girl named Morgan. They are going to be jealous!

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