Friday, January 31, 2014

Countdown as begun!!!

Hopefully next week at this time this whole  nightmare will be in our past.  We are all very anxious for this surgery.  We just want it to be OVER and done with. 
We will be calling CHOP Wednesday after 3:30 for our arrival time for Thursday.  They operate youngest to oldest so we will see how this amazing 7 year old falls in line that day. 

We want to take a minute and thank each and every one of you that has sent cards and gifts for Morgan.  She will be so surprised and I think it will keep not only her mind off the surgery but all of ours. 

Morgan has the biggest fan club she could ask for from Upper Perkiomen Middle School.  You can tell they are so proud of her and what she does.  She is like their baby sister and now that she is hurting they have come up to bat for her.  They each made awesome cards for her with cute riddles in them.  They are also in the process of making a box so that all the cards and gifts can accompany Morgan to the hospital.  We really can't thank everyone enough.  Just the prayers alone are so sacred to us.

Miss Morgan is sure growing up! 

We will update this blog next week for Morgan's followers.

Pray hard for her!!!!!

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Lone Star Family said...

prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!