Friday, February 7, 2014

First surgery FAILED!

Ok, we are going to try and explain what is going on with Morgan.

The medical term for this is called calyceal diverticulum.
It is when your kidney isn't smooth and has little pouches or pockets.

Stones like to hide and grow in these little pockets they would like to call home.

They were hoping to go evict these free loaders yesterday but the instruments they need to do this fishing didn't fit because of Morgans size. Not because she is a 30 lb peanut but because of her inside parts.

Plan B happened and a stent has been placed to make these parts large enough for his instruments to fit. This will happen in approx. 2 weeks.
We are hopeful this will work. Dr said 99% sure but you just don't know. We will have our prayer warriors all over this!!

Final surgery would be to remove the stent.

Only thing for sure right now is #2 surgery will take place in 2 weeks and we will give you the date on here when we receive it.

Morgan was feeling better by 10 last night. She can feel the stent inside her so pray she can deal with this annoyance.

Love to all and many many thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, cards and gifts.
Pay it Forward this weekend!!!

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