Monday, March 17, 2014

Morgan here.....................

Hello everyone,

It is me, Morgan.  I am all better!!!!!  I go back to CHOP on April 11th for a post surgery check up. 
I feel really good and am drinking a ton of water.  Maybe I should have told Mommy to make it green for St Patricks Day today. 

I am starting to get by buckets ready for my Easter drop off. On Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby and found some neat stuff that I think kids will like.  I was able to do this shopping trip because a friend of Mom mom's and now a friend of mine too, gave me all their change they saved up.  I found neat cups that each have three pictures in for the little kids to color and make their own special cup.  We have to meet up with Woofi's Mommy and Daddy soon to pick up a big box of Woofi's.  As everyone knows that is the best present in the whole bucket.  This is a fun part of my projec. It  is picking out so many neat things for the buckets.  We have been asked if I need help.  The answer is a big fat YES!  We would love to receive your donations for the buckets.  We put things in them like crayons, coloring books, bubbles, snacks, (but not chocolate or peanut butter things) water, juice boxes.  I make at least 6 buckets that are just for babies each time we drop off.  In the baby buckets are sippy cups, Gerber snacks, anything in the baby aisle.  Sometimes I have a hard time thinking what little boys like though.  We don't put candy or sweets in the buckets though. 

I am doing a fundraiser right now.  We are selling funny cakes for 8.00 each and they will be delivered the Thursday before Easter.  So far I have sold 75 of the 100 we planned to sell.  Thank you to all my new funny cake eaters!  For those that don't know what a funny cake is, it is a Pa Dutch recipe.  It is a regular pie crust with chocolate on the bottom and vanilla cake on the top.  I think it is called funny cause when you bake it you put the cake batter on top  of the pie shell and the choc syruppy part on top and then when it is baked the chocolate goes to the bottom and the cake is on top.

As for school, as usual, I LOVE IT!  Everything is awesome at school.  I have grandparents day coming up next Thursday and then Friday the whole second grade is doing a play at night called Jonah.  I love bible stories.  Yesterday in Sunday School we learned about the blind man that Jesus put mud on his eyes and he was able to see.  My miracle came to me thru Jesus too but mine wasn't mud it was an awesome surgeon, Dr John Germiller that Jesus gave a gift to him and he was able to give it to me.  Miracles happen every day and you can tell anyone you know that my being able to hear is a miracle from God!

Have a fun week everyone!


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