Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Paying it Forward Just Because............................

I feel so so much better.  It was a horrible week.  I was in so much pain like I never imagined.  I couldn't even get upstairs til Friday.  When I had to go to the bathroom I just prayed and prayed.  It just hurt so terribly bad.  On Sunday night Mommy and I pulled the stent out.  I think I screamed so loud I could have heard myself without my implants on!!!!!!!  Mommom and I prayed while Mommy pulled the stent out.  It felt so good to get that out of me.  I have had a stent inside of me since February 6th. 

I have be given so many get well cards and gifts that it is now my time again to pay it forward.
I am so thankful for all the love that was given to me.  So many Sunday school classes from all over the area took the time to make me really nice cards.  There are so many good and God loving people in my life.  God is so good to me!!!  My Pennview family has supported me beyond our wildest dreams.  I am so happy to call them FAMILY!  Once again God is using me to do his work.  I along with the help of my family are making children smile. I think when kids smile adults do too.

Tomorrow my pay it forward project will be taking place in Pottstown, PA.  I have learned that there is a program called Operation Backpack that provides food to children in need.  These children would go without food the entire weekend.  This program provides help to 58 children in this local school district.  The children pick up a back pack on a Friday and bring it back to school on the following Monday.  If this organization didn't do this there would be 58 very hungry children.  I am going to be dropping off things for their back packs tomorrow and then sometime in the near future I am hoping to help pack the back packs on a Wednesday night.

Thank you again for all the love that has been poured on me during February!

Morgan and Mommy

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