Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where is Spring?

Today is March 30th and it is a cold and rainy weekend.

All the 2nd graders at Pennview did our play last week.  We did it for our grandparents on Thursday. On Friday night we did it for the public. The play was Jonah and everyone loved it.

On Saturday Rylee and I got our pictures taken with live chicks and bunnies.  The very talented Joanna from Bountiful Babies in Center Valley did them. Joanna has a special place in our hearts. Joanna heard of Morgan's bucket project and decided to pay it forward herself. Joanna gave a portion of all her spring photo shoots to Morgan's bucket project. This project has done so much more than make chikdren smile. Heck, that alone would be enough. This project brings out such good in people. We came home from the photo shoot and found a crisp 100.00 bill in the mail box. It came all the way from Florida!

It is so awesome to see God working!

Morgan sold 125  funny cakes.  It will be fun to see all the people when we deliver them.

Bucket day is coming up! Morgan just finished writing her own book to put with the buckets. Hopefully we will find a publisher that might like to donate the printing of some books.  The book tells Morgan's story of how the bucket project came to life with lots of special pictures.

Today is CHOP Doctor Day. We honor Dr John Germiller, our hero!  He gave Morgan the miracle of hearing!

Love, Morgan's Magical Ears!

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