Monday, April 7, 2014

It Was a Pay It Forward Kind of Weekend!

Happy Happy Monday!

Have you ever read the book called, "Have You Filled A Bucket"?  If you haven't it is one of our favorite books.  When the bucket project first started we included that book inside each bucket.  A couple times the publisher actually donated all of them.  This book is about every person having a bucket and each person can fill buckets by making people  happy.  You can also be a bucket dipper and do not so nice things and empty other peoples buckets. 

Morgan has a bucket that is totally overflowing right now!!!!!  This past week was awesome with people filling Morgan's bucket.  It all started last weekend with the photographer giving almost 200.00.  We get home and she received a 100.00 donation in the mail.  On Friday night Morgan's mommy went to a painting class and some of the people at the class said, Oh, we follow Morgan's Magical Ears on facebook!  They were excited to meet her in person.  Morgan left there with a 20.00 donation.  When we got home Friday evening a car pulls up in front of our house and another bucket filler was there to give Morgan all the coloring books and crayons for the Easter drop off! Saturday morning Morgan bucket started to overflow.  She went to the bank to cash in the change that was donated to her bucket project.  Over 113.00 worth of change that was all donated by the most awesome bucket fillers in the world.  Morgan is so thankful for everyone helping make her bucket project a success! 

Funny Cakes are being delivered next Wednesday and Thursday.  Thank you to those that ordered these yummy sweets for your Easter weekend.

Have a wonderful week and remember be a bucket filler not a bucket dipper!

Love, Morgan and friends!!!!

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