Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IEP Tomorrow

We have our dreaded IEP tomorrow. I am really not looking forward to it. We have been faced with some really hard decisions with school for next year and trying to do what is best for Morgan. We really would like her to continue at Clarke as that is the best place for her to be but the county will not fund that program and we have no way to get her to school that is about and hour away everyday. If I could only get some transportation, all my worries would go away. They county wants her to attend their program they have for children with hearing disabilities. Although it was a nice school it would not be a good fit for Morgan. They have all the children from 3-5 years all in one class participating in the same activities. The individual speech therapy is given right in the same class that everyone else is playing in, so that is a little distracting and they may not get individual therapy it may be with another classmate. Although we would have that constant monitoring of her progress we still didn't think that was the best place for Morgan. We have decided to send her to a Private Christian school closer to home. Our family at Clarke has yet again gone above and beyond for us. Two of her teachers went and toured her new school Pennview to help give us ideas as to what we would need for Morgan to succeed in this school. They did not have to do that and they they did...they are the BEST and I will miss them very much. Wish me lots of luck for tomorrow! I am already stressing out just thinking about it.

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