Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Playtherapy Session 1

Well last night session went Great...It didn't even phase Morgan when we left the room...they had her so into what they were going to be doing she didn't even care. I would periodically listen at the door to make sure she was ok and all I hear was her talking up a storm and was so wonderful to hear that. They did her therapy with a big bin of noodles which she absolutely loved with farm animals, working on 2 step directions to get into the swing of things. Then they played a fishing game and on all the fish were pictures of action "ing" words like "brushing, eating, drinking, climbing, etc" She got about 80% correct on her own, and would repeat nicely whatever she didn't get that the therapist would tell her. Then they also worked on cards with words and pictures just working on getting every part of the word in without leaving off the end or beginning. Morgan also got about 80% correct on her own. Miss Lindsey was very impress with her. Morgan is just always amazing me with all the stuff she knows and can do. She did such a great job she got to go for and ice cream treat!

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