Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PlayTherapy Session 4

Well things seem to be going very well with the new therapy...Morgan really likes going, and as soon as the therapist come out to greet us she is already saying " Bye Mommy" "see ya later". She if very comfortable with them. I went and sat in on the session for a little while today so that I could learn some things to help her move along at home. She is working on the He, She pronouns right now and syllables. She has already mastered the "ing" action words in less than two sessions. Way to go Morgan! They even made a little game for us to take home with the He, and She. They are already doing more than they have to. Morgan was able to master a two syllable word followed by a one syllable word very easily (ex: Muddy Boots). They moved her on to three syllable words then like Domino, Banana, Tomato, etc. They showed us how to use sing/song to help her make sure she got the three syllables in their. Or how to tap it out with/for her. It has really been working and Morgan thinks is fun. They aren't working to much on making sure all the pronunciation is correct right now as much as making sure she got the 3 syllables. Very pleased with the progress so far, and they are actually working on the same stuff she is doing in school which is another plus.

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