Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So Much To Do!

Boy oh boy are we busy here at Morgan's Magical Ears!  We have so much wonderful stuff going on.  I am mainly posting this for our own benefit of remembering.

School starts in 1 more week.  My Mom met my teacher last week.  Her name is Mrs Shawn Smith.  I hope I didn't make her to nervous when she found  out she was getting the cute little deaf girl in her classroom.  My teacher from last year was also in the meeting and she was giving her little pointers so she wouldn't be too scared.  It isn't that hard though.  I take care of my own implants at school.  Very seldom do they need attention but when they do I am capable now.  Even though I hear very well with my implants I will still always be deaf.  Because of that God gave me gifts such as my other senses are very fine tuned.  I am an awesome lipreader!  I didn't have to learn that, it just happened.  I am a visual person and am always watching your faces when you talk to me.  So, that being said let me see your pretty color eyes and don't be looking at  my magnets instead of me!  Mrs Miller explained to the new teacher that if her blinds are pulled on a sunny day that I can see her better without a glare from the sun interfering.  When I listen to people and miss a word my brain will be trying to fill in the blank of the word that I missed and because of that I have missed the next part of what you are talking about.  Get it????  I am a good advocate for myself in asking a teacher or friend to repeat themselves but its easier if they are aware of how my implants work.  Pennview did an awesome job making sure my FM/Soundfield was labeled when they had to return it to the intermediate unit.  Hopefully, that will go smoothly and it will be sent back to Pennview in September this year.  Last year I was without the soundfield for the better part of the year.  When we did get it, it didn't work properly at first.  Here is to a new year though!

I am going to be starting dance classes in September.  I tried this once before but I only had one ear at the time.  It was too hard.  All that tapping going on didn't allow me to hear instructions very easily.  I am now older and have two implants.  I know this is going to be so much fun! 

We are doing a fundraiser in September.  My Aunt Becky has designed Morgan's Magical Ear's t shirts.  We are in the middle of getting prices on them from different screen printers and hoping we get them to print this week.  We are also selling funny cakes at our upcoming community days on September 6th.  I am hoping we raise a lot of money with the Tshirt sales and the funny cakes.  I was talking to my Mommom last night about my future goals with my buckets.  I told it I would love to see EVERY child leave CHOP Chalfont with a Woofi puppy.  That puppy is the most popular thing in the buckets and the kids all just love him dearly.  Even after they are better.
More exciting things are happening with Woofi but I will post that at a later date.

Love to All!
Morgie Porgie pumpkin pie, kissed the boys and made them cry.

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