Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Woofi and me kind of day!

Can you believe this picture????  Yes!  It's me and Woofi.  Like the real true life Woofi.  You might ask yourself how on earth does Morgan get to be with the real Woofi.

Well, this is the story.  As you might guess I know the owners of Woofi business quite well.  My Mom and I have become friends with them.  Everytime I make a bucket drop off they donate the hardcover Woofi books to go along with the donation. I am so appreciative of their generosity.  A couple months ago they were looking for some kids to do a photo shoot.  I love the camera as you can tell so it fit me perfectly.  Today  I get there and it isn't just a photo shoot as you would think.  We are having an awesome day shooting a video for the 2014 Vacation Bible school program.  This will be sent to churches when they are deciding what to choose for their Vacation Bible school theme next year.   I am playing the part of the grandchild. 

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