Friday, August 23, 2013

Great News!

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I received in the mail the most awesome gift.  As you all know I have been waiting to hear back from AG Bell on the application I put in for a scholarship so that I can stay at Pennview Christian School.  Yes!  I received a very generous scholarship from the organization.  AG Bell is an organization that helps the hard of hearing and deaf communities.  I will be staying at Pennview!!!!!  This means the world to me. 

Yesterday was also orientation at Pennview.  I met my teacher and saw some of my new classmates.  Mrs Smith is very pretty.  I am anxious to start second grade.  I was also happy to see some of my friends were going to also be in my classroom.  We have 15 kids in our class counting me.  The room is carpeted and the shades in the room are room darkening so I wont have a problem with sound or visual needs.  I watch the teachers face very closely while she talks.  I am a listener with my implants as well as my eyes.

Today I will be paying it forward in celebration of my scholarship from AG Bell.  I wrote out 6 little (pay it forward) notes and put my sticker on that goes on my buckets.  We already paid it forward twice today and are looking for 4 more lucky people.  Our first stop was at Dunkin Donuts in Pennsburg.  The second one was at Starbucks in Quakertown.  Lucky for me the gentlemen at Starbucks didn't have a huge bill.  I hope these lucky people are excited and maybe some day pay it forward also.

See  you all Monday for my first day of school picture.

Lots of Love!


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